Burn/Cooldown Macros

This page will go over 'Burn' macros which are macros made specifically for poping your cooldowns. You're making these macros for "oh shit" situations basically. If you accidentally get a load of enemies dumped onto you or you're fighting a really tough named - using all your cooldowns makes everything a breeze in this game.

The information on this page isn't all you will need to make your classes 'Burn' macro. You'll have to research what burns are the best to use for your class and which ones stack/if any don't stack. I also VERY strongly recommend you make additional keybinds for very short burns. Like First/Second/Third Spire as well as regular Twincast and any other burns that are 10 minutes or less. I go over a lot more about this in my Isboxer guide.

You will need two macros that look somewhat identicle to the one shown above. Just instead of having it list Wizard burns you'll want it to list burns appropriate for your class. I may add all the burns for each class to this page at a later date but it would be a lot of research. If you'd like to comment which burns you use for your class that would help a bunch!


Wizard Burns

Frenzied Devastation
Improved Twincast
Silent Casting
Arcane Fury
First Spire of Arcanum
Fury of the Gods
Focus of Arcanum

Arcane Destruction & Regular Twincast I save for 'mini' burns; Spire I throw in with mini burns as well.


Magician Burns

Heart of Flames
Silent Casting
Improved Twincast
Companion's Fury (Frenzied Burnout and Virulent Talon)
First Spire of the Elements
/useitem 17 (Uses your Chestpiece for its clicky)

Elemental Union I save for mini burns as well as Host of the Elements and Servant of Ro. Although, I think I remember reading recently that Elemental Union now stacks with Heart of Flames in which case it would be worth it to put into your main burns.