Lesson of the Devoted Macro

This is a macro that you'll be able to throw together on your characters once you've had the account for one whole year. Those of you who don't already know about the veteran rewards - get ready for some good news!! While you're ingame type /veteran and a window will come up asking you if it's ok to claim the Veteran Rewards on this character - select yes.

If it doesn't let you claim any rewards it means you don't have 1 whole year of time on your account yet. To check how much time is entitled on an account type out /played while you're ingame or use the shorter command which is just /p. It'll show you how long you have on your account in your chat window.

To make the LoTD macro all you need to do is put /alt act 481 in a macro and it'll use it just like that! Or you could also hit 'V' to bring up the AA window and then go to the Special tab. Under there is where you'll find Lesson of the Devoted. Hit Hotkey and place it on your bar if you'd rather do it this way than make a macro.


/p - Checks how much /played you have on your account.

/alt act 481 - Activates Lesson of the Devoted.