Short Burn Macros

Almost as important as your actual burns button - your 'Short burns'! This keybind I use for your burns that are 10 minutes or less - usually ones that you'll want to fire off when you pull too many mobs but still want to save all your actual burns for a named. Cooldowns in EQ are one of the most important parts of the game - using them properly makes you amazing and using them poorly makes you die a lot.

As such, I consider this one of the more important key binds that I have setup for my characters. Of course depending on the class you're boxing the contents of this Key bind will change radically. Also, I would recommend you considering to bind some Healer Cooldowns to this key as well. Healer Cooldowns aren't as important as a tank or DPS but they still can save a life!

Below I have some macros for you to give you examples of what I include in my Short Burn Macros.

As you can see both of my DPS users pop a Spire of Arcanum, their chest armor and one additional AA - usually an AA that doesn't stack with all of your main burns. Sometimes it's an AA that does stack with your main burns but only partially.

In my Wizard's case I use Arcane Destruction which doesn't stack at all with Frenzied Devastation. First Spire of Arcanum for the other /alt act and finally I also use my chest piece clicky despite it not being a DPS boost at all - just a mana one. That's personal preference for me.

My Magician uses First Spire as well as Elemental Union. I *think* I remember reading Elemental Union now stacks with Heart of Flames; I haven't confirmed this though which is why it's part of my short burns macro. Either way it might still be useful even if it does stack these days assuming it's not multiplicative when it stacks.

Sometimes my mages use Second Spire instead of First as well, it depends on what level range they're a part of usually. I like using Second Spire for when I am half assing as I depend on their pets to pull more of the weight in those instances.

Also - a lot of the time that I use my Short Burns button I combine it with my Twincast Button. I'd highly recommend that you consider doing the same!


There is one more additional thing I would like to add for those of you using Isboxer... Bound to the same button as Short Burns I usually have my Healers use a few ADPS cool downs and/or a few random esoteric cooldowns that almost never get used. A screen shot of what my Druid's macro looks like is found below.

As you can see this macro fires off quite a few different abilities. Let me break them down a bit and explain why I chose what I did for this macro.

Line 1: Group Black Wolf gives the casters some solid Adps to go with their short burns.

Line 2: Spirit of Wood is a rather decent abilitity that has too long of a cooldown to use for every day use but is still decent enough to squeeze in using it where you can.

Line 3: Most Druids and Clerics that I see almost never use their stationary totem AAs... For good reason too since they suck! In this case though every little bit helps. The AA stacks with other HoTs and doesn't cost mana... so using it doesn't hurt you.

Line 4: Nature's Blessing is a very short lasting AA that I chose to use here as I don't really line including it in my main burns since it increases mana consumption by so much.

Line 5: /useitem 17 uses the Druid's Chestpiece clicky - I add this into the Burn macros too just to get more use out of his chest.