Restore Mana Macro

As you could probably of guessed from the name - these macros are for restoring mana. Basically any class that has mana/uses it will want to take advantage of these macros. Most classes have an AA or two that restores mana to them (Wizards get Harvest of Druzzil, Clerics get Veturika's Perseverance, Mages give everyone Mod Rods).

The macro I have below is one that I use on my wizards. I'll go over it line by line below.

/pause 5, /potionbelt activate 1 (This activates the very first slot of my Potion Belt, which is a mod rod)

/cast 4 (uses Bucolic Harvest)

/useitem 17 (Uses your chest slot; which for Wizards gives some Mana Regen)

/alt act 172 (Harvest of Druzzil; an AA that restores your Mana similar to Bucolic Harvest)


Now, let me explain this macro a little bit. The very first pause in this macro is something that I could take out if I wanted to. It's there because when I box my raid it had a tendancy to skip the mod rod and go straight to harvest. The reason the rest of this macro has no pauses in it is because I find myself usually spamming the button when I need mana while boxing. After the first bucolic fires I usually go back to DPSing and save the rest of the mana for later.

And/or if the fight is really really long the macro will all come off cooldown at different times. Which means you might hit it once and find your AA harvest is up as well as your mod rod but not your cast harvest. That's the main reason you don't want to incorporate a lot of pauses into the macro. You want it to check every ability once and quickly - using any ability as it goes through the macro.