Pet Macros

The macros you'll find on this page are my ingame Pet Macros. I only make these macros on Mages/Enchanters/ (NOT) Shamans and any other class I am boxing that has their own pet. This macro *only* summons the pet. This means it's literally just one line /cast <##> whatever gem my pet spell is in.

You might be wondering why I don't put anything else in this macro - the main reason is because I've found at least half the time I want to summon a pet - all I want to do is make the pet and send him into fight the mob. Or, I want to make the pet and go back to DPSing and not bother wasting time buffing it too.

Note: The reason I don't have a Pet Macro for the shaman is because I don't want him to stop doing what he is doing to cast a pet during combat. I combine the Shamans Pet Macro with the Pet Buffs Macros which is the key adjacent to this one on my Hotbar.