Resurrection Macro

On this page we're going to go over one of my more complex macros but definitely one of my favorite ones. You'll want to add this macro individually to only your Clerics (or if you have a Paladin rezzing I guess him too). The reason you don't want to do this on all your characters is because while you're spamming the button to Rez whomever dies - you don't want all your characters cycling targets. That would be a big no no!

To get started what you're going to want to do is create a really simple macro that hides the corpses of NPCS and uses your Blessing of Resurrection AA. Those of you playing on TLPs can input a /cast for spell Resurrection OR /useitem 13 to use your Primary Weapon if you have your Cleric Epic.

If you have the Cleric Epic but it isn't equipped then type out /useitem and figure out what inventory slot the item is in.

Getting back to my macro guide... The macro you make will want to look very similar to the one shown above. The first line will hide all NPC corpses that way it doesn't try to rez any of those or waste time cycling through them. The second line will use whatever your rez ability is.

After you've created that you'll then want to go into your Options by pressing Alt O and click on the Keys tab. Select the Target category and scroll down until you find the "Cycle through nearest corpses" option that's also shown in the screen shot below.

This next part depends on your own personal tastes but basically what you're going to do is bind Cycle through nearest corpses as well as your Rez macro to the same key. You're going to want to use a NEW key for this - it's going to be a key that you map in Isboxer as well that way you can spam the "rez button" while on your tank and rez any corpses nearby without even switching screens.

However you don't want any other characters in your box team to share this command. This keys sole purpose and the only classes that should be utilizing it are your characters with resurrection abilities. Arguably only characters with in combat res. You don't want your Druids/Shamans cycling targets all the time trying to rez people when they can't while in combat.

As you can see from my screen shots above I have this key bound to Ctrl 0. You can use this same keybind or not, I recommend you make this a semi out of the way but still easy to spam Keybind. Hopefully you're not going to want to be using this macro constantly but when you do need to use it you want it in a fairly comfortable position to reach to.