Pet Buff Macros

Are you a class that uses pets in Everquest? You should totally make macros for summoning and buffing them then! For all pet users I recommend two different macros. The first one is just for summoning your pet which you can find more about on this page here.

The second pet macro, shown on this page, summons your pet as well as fully buffs it. Why two macros you ask? I've found that in about half the situations where I want to summon a pet; I just want to summon the pet and not buff it up. Usually these situations are when I am in combat and where sitting the through the entire buffing process would just waste my time.

If you only want one macro - that's your call! You don't have to play the exact same way as I do. Although if you're only picking a single macro I highly recommend it be the one on this page as it includes all the pet buffs you want to use on your pet.

Let's take a closer look at the macro itself. This is a screen shot of the macro one of my mages use which means all of the ability and AA names will be mage related.

Line 1: Summons your pet

Line 2: Burnout (Spell)

Line 3: Iceflame (Spell)

Line 4: Companion's Aegis (Pet Buff AA)

Line 5: Host in the Shell (Pet Buff AA)

Really all you'll want to make this macro do is use every single buff available to you on your pet. You'll need to put pauses in the macro otherwise it won't work properly this time.