Regular Twincast Macro

This page goes over one of my most used Keybinds on my box team, my Twincast button! It's up to you whether or not you'd like to make an actual macro for this - it's completely unneccessary for you to go as far as making a macro on your characters when you can just plop the Twincast spell right on your Hot Bar, as shown in the screen shot below.

If it's not a macro, what's it doing on this page? Good point! The reason I created this page is to talk more about my unique Isboxer settings with this one button. Players who are Alt Tab boxing won't get as much use out of what I am about to say as the Isboxers out there.

Basically I place random abilities on Num Pad 8 for almost every class in my box team that way they're fired off at the same time while I spam Twincast. I do this for random abilities that don't find their way into my burn macros and/or that have such short cooldowns that they're almost always up.

To give you an idea of some of the abilities I place on Num Pad 8; I've created a list below which I have sorted by class.


Bard: Blade of Vesagran (Epic), Quick Time

Druid: (assuming your druids aren't DPSing and using Twincast themselves) Group Spirit of the Black Wolf, Spirit of the Wood, Nature's Boon

Cleric: Exquisite Benediction; Celestial Regeneration (on live servers only)