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Cauldron of Countless Goods

This button is only for Mages. In CoTF they gave Mages a spell that's called Summon Cauldron of Endless Bounty (spell info below). Using this ability will make an item which you'll be able to use every 30 minute for some random loot. The only reason I use this Cauldron at all is for the stat food/drink that it makes since it has Heroic Stats.

Screen shots of the Cauldron, the Heroic Stat Food it makes as well as some spell info about it from can be found below. Really though all I do is plop the Cauldron on my hotbar and spam that button every 30min!

EQ Cauldron of Countless Goods

EQ Ether Fused Tea and Aircrisp Apple


[40459/7548] Summon Cauldron of Endless Bounty
Classes: MAG/99
Skill: Conjuration
Mana: 220
Target: Self
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 1s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
1: Summon: [Item 85480] x 1
Summons a Cauldron of Endless Bounty, which contains all matter of wondrous items.