Primary Anchor Button

This is my favorite transportation and it will only be available to players who have a Grand Guild Hall (or some sort of Player Housing). I place all of my Anchors in my Grand Guild Hall right next to a parcel NPC, a vendor and my Guild Transportation portal. So, basically my Primary Anchor takes me to heaven.

In order to get yourself a Grand Guild Hall you'll first need to be the leader of a guild. To do this press Alt G. You'll probably want to make a guild for your boxes at some point unless you're super extroverted and like sticking them all in your main's guild (assuming he is guilded).

Note: Even if you have all your characters in someone elses guild as long as you have a single character that's the leader of a guild (can even be an Alt on one of your accounts) you can buy a Grand Guild Hall and grant ALL your characters access... Which means really anyone can do this.

You can purchase a Grand Guild Hall with either Daybreak Cash or from an NPC in Sunrise Hills. You'll need to go to Sunrise Hills either way in order to place your GGH down and access it. I'm not going to go over all of that here, although I may link to a guide that does sooner or later.

These are two pictures of locations inside my GGH. The above one is the main Parcel NPC and Vendor that I use. They're used on a daily basis and I have no idea why they're without clothes. I actually never noticed that prior to taking these pictures. Weird.

Below is my Tradeskill Room that has a duplicate set of NPCs in it for me to use. It also has a Guild Banker, Banker and all sorts of different Tribute NPCs. Really everything the regular Guild Hall has is also in my GGH.

Grand Guild Hall