Lag Reduction/Utility Macro

This is one of my random macros that I have on my DPS characters primarily to help decrease the lag when I start lagging from too many corpses in the area and/or when my characters aren't all flagged with AFK. If you took my previous advice about /hideafkplayers all then you'll probably want to be using /afk on across your entire box team.

For those of you who didn't read that part of my previous guides - basically one of the best pieces of advice I have for boxers looking to decrease their ingame lag is by using /hideafkplayers all and /afk on across their entire team. This will make your characters appear invisible to everyone who has /hideafkplayers all on.

Additionally as you can see from the macro I also have it /hidecorpse all (There's a good reason I don't use /always - I saw why below) and I also have it set an AFK message when I use /afk on. Basically what my AFK message says is "Send tells to <MyTankName> please - this is just one of my boxes and I don't see chat very often"

Generally unless someone is trying to be a straight dickhead to you, this works well enough to have them send the right character a tell. Fair warning though, using AFK on your entire box team may attract unwanted attention in the form of griefers. There are some people in EQ dumb enough to believe you'd AFK bot with AFK tags on so they run over and harass you by default.


Finally the reason I use /hidecorpse all instead of /hidecorpse always is because I hate having to constantly turn off /hidecorpse when it comes time to drag a body back to my team. Sometimes I run characters out to get them killed so I can hit up a parcel NPC or vendor without having to run back to my raid (I can just drag the body back and rez it after I am done parceling or selling). It's for situations like these that I prefer /hidecorpse all and not always.