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Everquest Guides

           This section is for helping you get started with Everquest. Below I've compiled a list of guides that I feel will benefit a new player to Everquest the best. To learn more about each subject click on the link below, but first I'll give you a little bit of backstory on Everquest.

           Everquest has been known for being that old horrible massive grind, crappy graphics and so group dependant game. All of this has changed now. Here is a list of changes that you might be interested to hear.

Soloing: With the addition of Mercenaries (Seeds of Destruction expansion) you can now solo 1-85 on any class. Yes that means Clerics and Tanks too. Now you don't have to worry about logging on and getting stuck in the LFG limbo for hours on end. You can log on hop right in and start accomplishing things.

The Grind: Everquest was always known for it's massive grind. You'll be happy to know that the grind has been severely lessened. Leveling from 1-40 with a Mercenary will take you less than 12 hours. All you have to do is follow the hot zones. On average you get 10% per kill, which means 10 kills per level.

Graphics: Everquest is 10 years old and due to this some of the graphics are out dated. The good news is you have the option to NEVER see the out dated graphics. The past 4 or 5 EQ expansions have been using a new graphics system and they've been updating the old zones every once in a while.

           If you're still interested click on the links below to learn more about the game

MMORPG Lingo (General Guide for All MMORPGs)

General Everquest Guides

Dying in Everquest

Spells in Everquest


- - The Game World

- The Guild Hall and Lobby

- Plane of Knowledge

- Maps

- The Bazaar

Chat and Macros


Picking A Class

Returning Player "What You've Missed" Guide

Zone Revamps/Graphics

Fabled Events

Character Development Guides


Alternate Advancement (AAs) and how they work

Alternate Advancement (AAs) and the important ones for your class!

Defiant Gear

Augs and Tribute Guide

Hotzone Aug List

Useful Links

Also before you get started below I've compiled some frequent questions that Returning Players and new players have.


Q: I'm a new player and i know that EQ is pretty old, is it too late to jump in?

A: It's never to late too jump back into EQ. With the addition of Mercenaries you can catch the general EQ crowd in less than a week.

Q: How hard is it to make plat now adays to buy spells, gear and keep paying for my merc?

A: You'll be making triple or even quadruple the cash you would usually make if you start out in Cresent Reach. You will also find some gear with Stats on it and the new Defiant Gear, which drops from almost any mob. Also mercs are free until level 14.

Q: How hard is it to solo? Do I still need a group to level past level 5?

A: Soloing is cake now with the addition of Mercenaries (See above). You can have a mercenary and effectively solo all the way up into the high 50s or low 60s with almost no trouble at all.

Q: I haven't played EQ in years and I really want to come back. Did SoE keep my characters?

A: If you quit after the large amount of server merges your character will still be there. Also if you quit before all of the server merges and your character was above level 10 he will still be there. As long as you had a character above level 10 he is still safe and sound.

Q: Do Racial and Class penalties still exist?

A: They did away with all of the negative ones, Warriors, Rogues and Halflings still gain a % increase in XP.

Q: I quit EQ because I could never find a group, has this changed?

A: Yes, due to a lower population people have learned to be a lot less picky with inviting people to a group. You can easily find a group with most classes now.

Q: What is the monthly fee for EQ?

A: 14.99$












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