What Happens In Neriak... (15th Anniversary)

Sayden GNoirSayden GNoir Map Location

 What Happens in Neriak is one of the easiest Anniversary quests there is with one of the best clicky rewards you could ever ask for. Successfully completing this task will net your group Diplomatic Papers which gives you a 30second Rune buff that absorbs 5000 damage a hit up to 50000 damage in total.

Quest Requirements: For this quest you will need to do some Fishing inside the instance so bring a Fishing Pole (or 2 incase it breaks) and at least 100 bait if your Fishing skill is below 50. Anyone with a higher Fishing skill won't need as much bait.

1. Speak with Sayden G`Noir
2. Speak with Ambassador Rylan
3. Speak with Belyea K`Jartan
4. Go to the Library & Pickup the Tome on the Table
5. Interrogate Braynn K`Jartan
6. Fish to recover documents
7. Defeat Jehana N`Mar and her thugs (they attack you the moment you fish up the Diplomatic Papers)
8. Loot Crumbled Scrap of Paper from the enemies
9. Hail Denat C`Luzz and ask about her interest in the documents
10. Give the Documents to Denat C`Luzz
11. Speak with Ambassador Rylan & Defeat Him

What Happens In Neriak Map Location

 For the first 1/4 of this quest you don't even have to fight anything so if you're a boxer just leave your group at zone in until the Interrogate Braynn part. Sayden G`Noir is in the building just to the northwest from the location you zone in at and Ambassador Rylan is in the basement of this building. In the same room as Ambassador Rylan is Belyea K`Jartan.

 The Library is the western most building in the central portion of town (use my map for extra guidance) and the tome that you need to pick up is in the dead center of the library on a table. Once you have the book head over to Braynn K`Jartan and prepare for the first fight in this HA. The moment you hail him, he attacks!

Tome on TableBraynn K Jartan

 Braynn is one tough cookie (depending on your level). He hits for a max of 15k, summons and can't be mezzed, stunned or rooted. You don't actually need to beat him, all you need to do is lower his HP to 20% and he will deagro and you'll receive an update for your task.

 Now this next part.... hopefully you took my advice at the start and brought a Fishing Rod and some bait with you otherwise you're going to have to zone out and go buy the items right now. Just north of Sayden in Nektulos Forest (where you zone out) is an NPC that sells Fishing Poles and some bait. He patrols around the entrance of Neriak.

 Fish anywhere in Neriak and if your skill is 50 or above it'll only take one or two casts to find the Diplomatic Papers. The second you fish this item up three enemies will spawn and agro your group no matter where you are in the zone. They will drop a Crumbled Scrap of Paper which you need to loot for another task update as well.

 In the southern end of the town an NPC by the name of Denat C`Luzz will spawn. You must go to her and hail her in order to progress the task further at which point you will be given two options. You can turn the Diplomatic Papers into Ambassador Rylan (which will NOT reward you with the clicky) or you can turn in the Diplomatic Papers to Denat, which WILL reward you with the clicky. Obviously, pick Denat.

 After turning in the Diplomatic Papers to Denat you will need to return to Ambassador Rylan and fight him. If you're on a TLP server prior to EoK be prepared for a tough fight. Those of you reading this playing on a live server - Ambassador Rylan is a complete push over thanks to the amazing gear of The Burning Lands expansion.

Ambassador Rylan: 20k max hit, 45k DD that he periodically casts

 The Diplomatic Papers clicky is dropped on Ambassador Rylan's death.


Diplomatic Papers