Pirates of Timorous Deep (16th Anniversary)

Captain Jack AviakCaptain Jack Aviak Map Locations

 There are a few Anniversary quests that reward the player with an Augmentation, Pirates of Timorous Deep is one of those missions! Shimmering Black Pearl is rewarded to you for completing the 'bonus' objective of this mission (which isn't that difficult). If you look closely at the aug you'll be able to tell that it fits into more slots than most augs and that includes the Charm slot!


1. Speak with Captain Jack Aviak
2. Defeat 32 Pirate Crew Members
3. Defeat Shady Swashbuckler
4. Speak with Captain Jack Aviak
5. Defeat Bosun Darwor
6. Speak with Captain Jack Aviak
7. Defeat Navigator Os'kela
8. Speak with Captain Jack Aviak
9. Defeat Captain Turek
10. Speak with Captain Jack Aviak
(Bonus) Loot Treasure Map
(Bonus) Trade the Treasure Map to Captain Jack Aviak and then right click it - follow it to the buried treasure

Pirates of Timorous Deep Map

 Before I get started with a guide for this mission let me say that you do NOT have to hail Captain Jack Aviak a single time until the very end of this mission. Even though the quest is designed for you to hail Captain Jack after you clear each island of pirates and defeat that island's head honcho - doing it this way is a total waste of time.

 The way this mission works is extremely straight forward and easy. Basically all you have to do is go from island to island and take out the named pirate as well as all of the other pirates surrounding him. On each island there are smaller camps of 2 or 3 pirates each but you can completely ignore these if you want. There are enough pirates for you to hit the 32 total without having to defeat the small camps.

 On the first island you'll have to fight the Shady Swashbuckler named. For more information about this enemy read the entry below.

Shady Swashbuckler: Max Hit 14k (backstabs for 30 - 45k) and is mezzable, stunnable and rootable/snareable and does not summon. This enemy is a Rogue so he will occasionally vanish and reappear behind different members of your party and Backstab them for a lot of damage
Dancing Blades: 1,500 Attack + Parry Proc
Knife Throw: 45k DD Single Target Nuke

 The second island has a much easier pirate to defeat, Bosun Darwor. Much like the Shady Swashbuckler before him, he should not pose much of a threat to you.

Bosun Darwor: Max Hit 14k and is mezzable, stunnable, rootable/snareable and does not summon
Whip Lash: 39k Single Target DD with a Stun + Feign Death component
Whip Toss: 110k Single Target DD

 Island three switches things up a bit, Navigator Os'Kela is at the top of the Aviak tower and you'll need to clear the majority of the pirates in order to reach him.

Navigator Os'Kela: Max Hit 14k and is mezzable, stunnable, rootable/snareable and does not summon.
Whip Lash: 39k Single Target DD with a Stun + Feign Death component

 On the final island you'll want to park you butt in the middle of the town of pirates and start pulling pirates out the buildings. Save Captain Turek for after you've defeated 32 pirates and/or when you have your cooldowns up. In order to get the Bonus in this mission you're going to have to burn him down very quickly or pay attention and position him correctly.

 Let me elaborate, Captain Turek has one ability called Cannonball which creates a spot on the ground and anyone inside this circle is hit with a DD that does 77k damage. Additionally if Captain Turek himself is standing inside of this circle the Treasure Map that he holds will be destroyed and turned into a Burned Treasure Map. If this happens that means there'll be no Shimmering Black Pearl for you!

Captain Turek: Max Hit 14k and is mezzable, stunnable, rootable/snareable and is leashed to this area
Cannonball: 77k Targeted AE w/ emote - you have 8 seconds to move or be hit
Tendon Slice: Snare DoT 12k/tick
Fathom Crush: 25k Single target DD that applies the debuff Fathom Crush (increases damage of Fathom Crush by 600%)

 When you defeat Captain Turek on the final island Captain Jack Aviak will spawn ontop of your group/where Turek is defeated. The second you hail Captain Jack he starts running so you'll want to spam hail him as quickly as possible to complete the task. Afterwards you'll have to chase him down to show him your Treasure Map so you can be lead to the treasure.

Captain Jack Aviak Handing Map