War Games (15th Anniversary)

Commander GorokCommander Gorok Map Location

 This Anniversary Quest begins in Plane of Tranquility by speaking to Commander Gorok near the Plane of War stone; the quest itself takes place in Plane of War as well. Completing this mission will reward the player with one of many different augs as well as Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem, a clicky which gives you an AC buff that stacks with virtually all other buffs.

 If you're level 110 and reading this the quest will likely be a complete push over for you but if you're playing on a TLP server and it's CoTF, TDS or TBM the mission is going to be a lot more difficult.

Note: Enemies do not see through invis in this version of Plane of War nor do they hit as hard nor do they use Quick Defense.

 I'll explain more about the bonus and everything else below, first here's a succinct list of all the steps you need to complete for this task:

Request Phrase: willing
Task Type: Group

1. Speak with Commander Gorok
2. Defeat 20 - 25 enemies until your group becomes enraged (5min buff in Song window)
3. Fight for enemies until Enranged expires
4. Defeat Commander Zarg and Commander Torshik
5. Speak with Commander Gorok & Open the Chest for your loot

 For the first part of this task you have to defeat 20 - 25 enemies to "enrage" you and your group. Then you have to wait five minutes (or keep fighting enemies) at which point two bosses will spawn. Defeating them completes the task. It really is as simple as that. There's a "bonus' element to this mission too, the more enemies you defeat and the more orders you follow/catapults that you avoid throughout the mission the higher score you will get.

Plane of War Anniversary Mission Spot to Camp

 If you're a boxer, I am going to give you the best strategy in the world to cheese this entire mission. Regular groups can use this strategy too but it's especially useful for boxers. The catapults that are launched at you throughout this mission knock around your entire group and it's a royal pain in the ass bringing them back together each time this happens. Also, running your group around to avoid the catapults is equally annoying.

 What I recommend is you take your group and you put them in a little alcove in the central portion of the zone - this way any catapult that knocks you back just throws you into a wall. This location is pictured on my map location above.

 The amount your score is lowered per catapult hit is extremely small. I was able to complete the (Bonus) while using this strategy and taking all the catapult hits and ignoring all mission objectives. All I do the entire mission is pull enemies to this location until the bosses spawn below then run down and defeat them - then return to Commander Gorok and turn it in/grab my loot.


Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem