Liquid Courage (15th Anniversary)

 This quest starts in the Plane of Tranquility right next to Commander Gorok who is standing at the Plane of War stone.

Note: You do NOT have to complete this mission to get the Bonus reward. Most people report on Allakhazam that you only need to turn in the Flame Sword of War to receive the bonus and I have personally farmed this instance enough times to confirm that is true

1. Deliver the Flaming Sword of War to Buzoan the Elder in the eastern tower
2. Collect Rallosian breastplate, arm plates, boots, greaves, bracers and gauntlets from enemies throughout PoWar
3. Return to Buzoan and speak with him
4. Collect Spiced Barley & Flask of Fire Water and combine them in the Brew Barrel you're given
5. Give Buzoan the Boastful Bellyfire Ale you made
6. Begin the escort with Buzoan quest
7. Protect Buzoan as you escort him to the PoWar zone
8. Speak with Buzoan
(Bonus) Defeat enemies in the Plane of War until someone in your group is awarded the Golden Helm of Rallos Zek