Sprucing Up Shakey (15th Anniversary)

Reebo LeafswayReebo Leafsway Map Location

 This quest is given to you by Reebo Leafsway in the Plane of Knowledge. You can find Reebo just a tad bit south of the main bank in the Plane of Knowledge; for his exact location use the map above. As for the quest itself, Sprucing Up Shakey is a fairly straight forward quest that can reward the player with an item that summons food or an item that summons drink.. Or both!

Request Phrase: Tool
Task Type: Group

1. Speak with Cleet Miller
2. Loot 6 Burled Wood from Treants
3. Loot 2 Tin Ore from Goblins
4. Loot Faceted Crystal from Bandits
5. Loot Crystal Harvester Mold from Spinner
6. Combine Burled Wood, Tin Ore, Faceted Crystal and Crystal Harvester Mold in a Forge
7. Attempt to till the soil at Cleet Miller's Farm
8. Speak with Cleet Miller
9. Talk to Chief Goonda in the eastern part of the zone
10. Bring an Immaculate Animal Pelt to Chief Goonda
11. An Ancient Spirit spawns; dps it down to 10%
12. Hand An Ancient Spirit the Crystal Harvester
13. Till the soil at Cleet Miller's Farm + Loot Shimmering Hay
14. Speak with Cleet Miller
(Bonus) Till the mounds of soil that appeared throughout the northern part of Cleet Miller's Farm for a chance at getting the Food/Drink clickies

Sprucing Up Shakey Map Locations

 First thing you need to do is travel south from where you zone in at and speak with Cleet Miller at his farm. Once you do this a bunch of enemies will pop in the instance and you'll have to defeat three different types of enemies to collect some items. What we need to defeat are...

Treants for 6 Burled Wood
Goblins for 2 Tin Ore
Bandits for 1 Faceted Crystal

 The best place to hunt the Treants is around Cleet Miller's farm. I usually stay here until I get 4 or 5 Burled Woods at which point I move directly north to the goblins which drop the Tin Ore. Usually you only need to defeat two or three goblins to get all the ore you need.

 After you get the Tin Ore you need you'll want to travel southeast to about where Chief Goonda is. Just west of Chief Goonda's location is a pack of four Bandits which you'll want to take out for the Faceted Crystal that we need. The majority of the time I do this quest I get the Faceted Crystal from this camp of Bandits.

 If you don't get the Faceted Crystal from these bandits head back west towards the Goblins where there is another bigger camp of Bandits. This location is marked on my map above. As for the Crystal Harvester Mold, you'll want to travel far east in the zone to where Spinner is. He's in a small hut next to a Forge which is important for the next part of the quest too. Pictures of Spinner's location are below.

Spinners House and Forge
Spinners Map Location

Spinner Activation Phrase: enemy

 Bust down Spinner's door and say 'enemy' to him to trigger a fight. Spinner's max hit is for about 14,000 on my level 105 SK. He does not have any special abilities so all in all it should not be a hard fight for you. When you defeat him loot the Crystal Harvester Mold then run outside and combine every item you've collected thus far into the Forge.

 With your Crystal Harvester in hand return to the farm and attempt to till the soil. Afterwards speak with Cleet Miller who will then send you to speak with Chief Goonda in the eastern portion of the zone. When you hail Chief Goonda a bunch of animals will spawn in the zone and you'll be tasked with collecting an Immaculate Animal Pelt from one of them. Basically now you'll just want to run around the zone hunting animals until you find one of these pelts. It usually takes me between 4 - 6 enemies to get it.

 Return to Chief Goonda and turn in the Immaculate Animal Pelt to summon the Ancient Spirit. This is a wisp enemy which hits for about as hard as Spinner and as with Spinner is not much of an issue. The task also locks at this point during the quest.

 DPS an Ancient Spirit down to 10% HP then hand him the Crystal Harvester which he will turn into an Enchanted Crystal Harvester - the item we need to till the soil at Cleet Miller's farm. This is also the item that we are going to be using to (hopefully) get a Belt/Shovel that summons us Food/Drink.

 The fastest way back to Cleet Miller's farm to is succor/exodus then travel back south to the farm. Once here use the Enchanter Crystal Harvester on the pile of dirt and loot the Enchanted Hay. Speak with Cleet Miller to complete the quest and to spawn about 10 mounds of dirt throughout the northern part of his farmlands.

Untilled Rocky Soil Map Locations

 The map above has a circle around where you'll find every mound of dirt on the farm. Your Enchanted Crystal Harvester has a completely random number of uses, but it seems that you get a minimum of 4 each time. There's only two good items that you'll find in the piles of dirt and they are Bigger Belt of the River and Wee'er Harvester.

 Bigger Belt of the River summons Drink and Wee'er Harvester summons Food. If you're just a solo player these items may not benefit you as much since for you keeping your character restocked with Food/Drink is a piece of cake. Pun intended. As for boxers... Well it's a bit more of a pain in the butt. I think that's where these two items really shine.

 To setup these items in an Isboxer macro you'll want to make use of the /useitem ingame command. I would recommend a macro that looks like this..

/pause 15, /useitem Bigger Belt of the River
/pause 5, /autoi
/pause 5, /useitem Wee'er Harvester
/pause 5, /autoi

Sprucing up shakey food and drink items

 Those of you who don't mind using MQ2 can do something a bit different - and also as an added bonus you can tell MQ2 to eat this food over your stat food! This will allow you to keep an inventory stocked with stat food for much longer all the while benefiting from it fully.

 You'll want to copy and paste the below information into your MQ2Melee character ini file. In the base MQ2 directory you'll have a <CharName>_<ServerName>.ini for each of your characters. Unless you've edited the file before usually all that's inside is some MQ2Rez and MQ2Twist info that isn't anything special we need to worry ourselves with.


downshit1=/if (${FindItemCount[=Murky Globe of Water]}<=10 && ${Cast.Ready[Bigger Belt of the River]} && !${Me.Invis} && !${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]}) /multiline ; /casting "Bigger Belt of the River" item ; /autoinventory
downshit2=/if (${FindItemCount[=Burned Black Bread]}<=10 && ${Cast.Ready[Wee'er Harvester]} && !${Me.Invis} && !${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]}) /multiline ; /casting "Wee'er Harvester" item ; /autoinventory
downshit3=/if (${Me.Hunger}<4500 && ${FindItemCount[=Burned Black Bread]}>0) /useitem "Burned Black Bread"
downshit4=/if (${Me.Thirst}<4500 && ${FindItemCount[=Murky Globe of Water]}>0) /useitem "Murky Globe of Water"


Don't have MQ2? Give the Redguides Compile of it a try! If you don't think I am evil for even suggesting the program exists I recommend you do some reading about if you'd like to use it or not here. It does more than just bot. It's like the Addon system for WoW.