Fish Eyes In The Dark (19th Anniversary)

 This is a solo task and as you could probably already guess involves Fishing! You don't need a high skill to do this quest but the higher your Fishing skill the less time this quest will take! Basically all this quest has you do is go to a few different Depths of Darkhollow zones and catch unique fish in each of those zones.

 The fish that this task has you catch don't stack and are NO DROP. Unless you have this task available to you - you won't see the NO DROP version of these fish.

1. Fish up a Common Bone Fish in Ruins of Illsalin, Corathus Creep or Undershore
2. Fish up a Common Angler Fish in Ruins of Illsalin, Corathus Creep or Undershore
3. Fish up a Common Blind Minnow in Ruins of Illsalin, Corathus Creep or Undershore
4. Fish for Striped Cave Fish in Ruins of Illsalin
5. Fish for Vampire Flounder in Corathus Creep
6. Fish for Deadly Crawfish in Stoneroot Falls
7. Fish for Blind Catfish in Undershore
8. Deliver all Fish to Cedfer the Fishmonger
(Bonus) Combine the 7 Pile of Bones in a Fly Making Bench for The Bone Rod

 If you're a Wizard or a Druid the fastest way to get to these zones is to use the Undershore Portal. Alternatively you can also take the Guild Hall to Undershore through the portal device. If neither of these options are available to you, then you'll have to take the long way through Nektulos Forest to Corathus Creep.

 Both Ruins of Illsalin and Stoneroot Falls can be reached through Undershore, which is connected to Corathus Creep. You can reach the Ruins of Illsalin by traveling south through Undershore and Stoneroot Falls by traveling north through Undershore. Follow the links for more information on reaching these zones... Not that you should even need it!


 All you need to do for this quest is fish in these zones until get all of the fish you need then return to Cedfer and turn them all in to receive your 7 Piles of Bones & Commemorative Coins. Then combine the 7 Pile of Bones items together in a Fly Making Bench to receive your bonus reward.