Tsaph's Day Off (18th Anniversary)

 This quest is given to you by Head Magister Zueria in the Plane of Knowledge. You'll find the building with Zueria just west of The Nexus stone in northeastern PoK. Tsaph's Day off is most likely the easiest Anniversary quest ever added into the game and it has one of the best rewards to boot.

Completion of this task will give you Zueria Slide Charm which has 4.3k hp and 4.1k mp/end unmodified. It grows in power when in Kunark zones.


1. Tell High Magister Zueria 'ready' after accepting the task
2. Inspect the Dreadlands Spire with Tsaph
3. Inspect the Great Divide Dragon Circle with Tsaph
4. Defend Tsaph at the Great Divide Dragon Circle
5. Inspect the Great Divide Spire with Tsaph
6. Inspect the Skyfire Mountains Spire with Tsaph
7. Defend Tsaph at the Skyfire Mountains Dragon Circle
8. Inspect the Nektulos Forest Spire with Tsaph
9. Inspect the North Ro Forest Spire with Tsaph
10. Inspect the Stonebrunt Mountains Forest Spire with Tsaph