Lost but Not Forgotten (19th Anniversary)

Dismas KaneritiDismas map location

 This Anniversary quest is given to you by Dismas Kaneriti who is located in the evil side of Plane of Knowledge. Be prepared for a long and challenging Heroic Adventure before accepting this mission. This HA takes place in an older LDoN called Chamber of Eternal Affliction and you'll have to defeat every single enemy in the entire HA in order to complete it, which'll take probably around 2 hours.

 For completing this HA the bonus reward is Trophy: Lost Wayfarer's Tent; an item with +200 AC, +12 to all Heroic Stats, 3000 HP/MP/END and other bonuses to Spell Damage, Heal Amount, Clairvoyance HP and MP regen.

1. Defeat Shambling Archer & loot Hilus's Journal
2. Defeat Blighted Spiritualist & loot Ailill's Phial
3. Defeat Scion of Blood & loot Bartik's Heart
4. Defeat Scion of Darkness & loot Keelia's Heart
5. In the northwestern most room say "Sila Warren" to summon a Forceful Presence
6. Earn Sila's Trust (hand her Hilus's Journal)
7. Approach the room with Harris Feril in it but do not engage him
8. Defeat Lord Enghearst
9. Say Deactivate to Sila Warren, combine all 5 items in the bag she gives you and approach the room with Harris Feril for a task update
10. Defeat Harris Feril

Lost But Not Forgotten Instance Map

Part 1: Defeat 4 Bosses, Collect 4 Items & Clear the whole Dungeon

 The first part of this task is going to be the longest part of them all. Along with defeating all four of the mini bosses and collecting their items you're going to want to clear the ENTIRE dungeon. If you do not clear the entire dungeon now then when you get to the final part where you have to defeat Harris Feril there will be double the amount of enemies in this room - making the task extremely difficult if not impossible for some groups.

 All four named enemies that you need to defeat for the four unique items spawn in the same locations in every task and each named isn't all that difficult to defeat. The hardest ones are probably the two Scions since you'll have to fight both at the same time and usually another enemy comes with them. Also the wisp nameds as they can mez your tank which is always annoying.

 If your tank is in EoK raid gear or better then this dungeon will be much easier for you and your group. Despite the enemies all being very high level they don't hit as hard as other enemies do of that level. I would say that the enemies throughout this dungeon hit about as hard as tier 2 EoK enemies.

 As you clear this dungeon you'll find items like Shabby Tent Cloth, Tattered Tent Cloth, Battered Tent Cloth. These typically drop from the named enemies in this zone that aren't related to the quest. There will be usually 6 different named enemies throughout the zone that you can encounter and they all have a chance of dropping one of these items.

 Each of the Tent Cloth pieces as well as the Tent Rope and Tent Pole are used in crafting the Lost Wayfarer's Tent which is the Bonus Reward/only real reward for completing this HA.


Part 2: Sila Warren & Forceful Presence

Tank Forceful Presence Here

 Once you have cleared the entire dungeon it's time for the first boss fight against Sila Warren. When you're ready go to the northwestern most portion on the map and /say sila warren while you're standing in the shallow pool of water.

WARNING!! Do not actually fight this boss in this pool of water in the center. The water will obstruct your view and it'll make the fight stupidly annoying. Just fight the enemy alogn the outer edge. Also it's strongly recommended you save your cooldowns until 50%.

 For the first half of this fight the named is going to teleport to the entrance of the room then back to a random person in your group - each time clearing his agro. I personally don't think he hits that hard so as long as your tank is paying attention this shouldn't be a problem.

Forceful Presence

 When Forceful Presence hits 50% the real fight begins. Four adds will spawn and attack your group - the tank will very quickly need to get agro on all four as well as the boss and then pop cooldowns. DPS should pop cooldowns as well because you're going to have to take out the adds as quickly as possible. The bosses HP locks at 35% until the adds are dead so ignore him for now. That's all there is to this fight.

Forceful Presence: Hits for ~11k on average max is ~13k
A summoned souls: Hit for ~4k max for ~8k

 After you defeat the Forceful Presence enemies will spawn in the southern portion of the dungeon and Sila Warren will spawn ontop of your group and follow someone while spamming the shit out of them for the rest of the dungeon. The Forceful Presence also drops an item, Sila's Medallion which you will need to save for the next part of this quest.


Part 3: Harris Feril & The End of the Dungeon

 The first enemy we'll be facing is Stonewall Nightwing, a stone gargoyle which is guarding the room with Harris Feril in it as well as Mayong Mistmoore (who transforms into Lord Erghast when you enter). This boss is a piece of cake and he drops the Tent Rope which is used in making the Lost Wayfarer's Tent. Save this item!

 After you defeat the Stonewall Nightwing enter the room with Harris and Mayong and wait for the task update then leave the room. Or charge in all at once and beat up Lord Enghearst, depends on what you wanna do. If you've struggled thus far in this dungeon I would recommend popping burns for Lord Enghearst as well, then going AFK after you beat him until burns are back up for Harris Feril.

 The worst thing this named can do is mez your tank. He also has a stun ability but that's not nearly as bad as a mez to the tank. If your tank can DoT himself it's recommended that he do so for this fight just incase this happens. If your wipe on this boss then beating him becomes 10x harder next time because he has an ability which creates an add each time someone in your party dies and the adds never despawn.

Lord Enghearst

Lord Enghearst: Avg hit: 10k Max hit: 19k
A Shadow Adventurer: If anyone dies during this fight A Shadow Adventurer is created. These are about as difficult as the regular enemies throughout the instance.

 When Lord Enghearst is dead before fighting Harris Feril you'll have to deactivate the ward on his room. If you try to enter right now you'll be ported to a random location in the dungeon. To deactivate the ward hail Sila Warren and say [deactivate] to her, she'll hand you a Warded Bag and you'll have to combine all of the items we collected during the first part of this quest as well as Sila's Medallion in this bag. Here is a list of the items incase you've forgotten:

Combine these items in a Warded Bag: Hilus's Journal, Ailill's Phial, Bartik's Heart, Keelia's Heart, and Sila's Medallion

 After you combine the items approach Harris Feril's room to deactivate the ward - then you can safely pull him. This named comes with four puslings and is going to be one tough fight. You have to take out all 4 puslings before you're able to kill Harris Feril. You can DPS him down to 35% but his HP locks there until the adds are dead.

Harris Feril: Avg hit: 10k; Max hit: 19k - a servant of disease hits for the same amount
Hair-Raising Shriek: It's a fear ability which roots you in place and basically stuns you for 18seconds. He uses this early in the fight on the tank in my experience (or whomever pulls him)
Grip of Jabaum: Lowers the target's strength and armor class and deals 1719 damage every 6 seconds for 1:00
Darkest Infection: Decrease HP by 4500/tick

 Depending on how good your group is determines your strategy for this named. If you don't have a good tank or good DPS I would recommend you focus on takin out one or two servants of disease then succoring or wiping then coming back and beating Harris Feril the second time around. If your tank blows all his cooldowns and your group does too you'll be able to take out at least one of the servants, most likely two before you wipe.

 Then the fight becomes two times easier the next time you fight him! Otherwise, the strategy for everyone else is simple. Blow all your cooldowns at the start of the fight and DPS the servants of disease down as quickly as possible. Then blow up Harris Feril.


Lost Wayfarers Tent