Defending Knowledge (15th Anniversary)

Bjerg Sen the TranquilBjerg Map Location

 Defending Knowledge is probably the most important Anniversary quest of them all as the reward for completing this mission is Miniature Horn of Unity. An item that buffs your entire group with a 30sec buff that increases Mana & Endurance regen rates, incoming HoT Heals as well as giving your group a powerful damage shield & spell damage shield.

Request Phrase: help
Task Type: Group

1. Speak with Bjerg Sen the Tranquil
(Optional) Prevent all enemies from entering Plane of Knowledge (required for Miniature Horn of Unity)
2. Blow the Horn of Unity to begin the Assault
3. Defeat the armies of Plane of Disease 0/12
4. Blow the Horn of Unity to summon another army
5. Defeat the armies of Plane of Tormet 0/4
6. Blow the Horn of Unity to summon another army
7. Defeat the armies of Doomfire, the Burning Lands 0/8
8. Blow the Horn of Unity to summon another army
9. Defeat the armies of Drunder, Fortress of Zek 0/8
10. Blow the Horn of Unity to challenge the final armies
11. Restore Peace to the Plane of Tranquility
12. Speak with Bjerg Sen the Tranquil

 This mission is a piece of cake - if you position yourself right in front of the building with the PoK book inside you'll stop 90% of the enemies before they even have a chance of reaching it. There is however a few enemies that like to teleport through the wall and sneak into PoK anyway so it's highly recommended that you have at least 1 person in your party guard the book at all times.

Defending Knowledge Camp Location

 Two or three enemies are sent at you at a time when the waves are active - never any more until the final wave when you have 4 named enemies sent out to attack you, one from each Plane. If you're a high level player and the enemies in this instance are a piece of cake for you to defeat, you can blow the Horn of Unity more than once and have multiple armies attack you to speed things up.

 There is only a few minute cooldown that you need to wait between blowing the Horn of Unity - the most I have had is three armies attacking me at once. As far as protecting the PoK book goes... What I personally like to do is put someone who is a pet class in front of the PoK book and take off ghold. Any enemy that sneaks through the wall and tries to zone into PoK will attack this character first.

 Honestly that's basically all there is to this mission - as I said before it's a piece of cake!


Miniature Horn of Unity