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Games That Begin With 'P' - Playstation 1 Walkthroughs

This page is an index for all games that begin with the letter P for PS1. It is designed to make navigating a large index of guides easier for mobile users and allows you to greatly narrow down your search by selecting the letter your title begins with.


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Pac-Man World

Pacapaca Passion

Pajama Sam

PAL Shinken Densetsu


Pandemonium 2


Panzer Bandit

Panzer Front

Panzer General

Pao Ying Choob

PaRappa the Rapper

Parasite Eve *

Parasite Eve 2 *

Parodius: Forever With Me

Patriotic Pinball

Peak Performance


Perfect Weapon

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Persona Revelations

Peter Jacobson's Golden Tree Golf

PGA Tour '97

PGA Tour '98


Phix The Adventure

Photo Genic


Pipe Dreams 3D


Pitfall 3D

Pizza Hut Powered Demo Disc

Planet Laika

Player Manager '99

Play Stadium 3

Playstation Picks Demo CD

Playstation Underground Demo Discs

Pocket Family

Pocket Fighters

Pocket MuuMuu


Point Blank

Point Blank 2

Point Blank 3

Poitter's Point

Poitter's Point 2: Sodom no Inbou

Polaris Snowcross


Pooh's Party Game

Pool Hustler

Pop'N Music

Pop'N Music 2

Pop'N Music 3

Pop'N Tanks


Popolocrois 2


Populous: The Beginning

Porsche Challenge

Powerboat Racing

Power Move Pro Wrestling

Power Play Sports Trivia

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Pinball

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers: Zeo Full Tilt Battle Pinball

Power Shovel


Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball


Premier Manager '99

Primal Rage

Princess Maker: Go Go Princess

Prism Land Story

Pro 18 World Tour Golf

Project Gaiaray

Project Horned Owl

Project Overkill

Pro Pinball

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

Pro Pinball Time Shock


Psychic Force

Psychic Force 2

Psychic Force: Puzzle Taisen

Puffy: P.S. I Love You

PU-LI-RU-LA: Arcade Gears

Punky Skunk

Purumui Purumui

Putter Golf

Puyo Puyo Sun: Ketteiban

Puzzle Bubble 2

Puzzle Bubble 3DX

Puzzle Bubble 4

Puzzle Star Sweep

Puzz Loop




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