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Parasite Eve Guides and Walkthroughs

Parasite Eve is a third person Action RPG with many horror elements. This game is a sequel to a book written by Hideaki Sena and is the first game in the Parasite Eve series. During this game you play as an NYC detective named Aya Brea who is trying to stop Eve, an enemy whose goal is combustion. One of the features that this game very unique is the real time combat system that has RPG elements and allows you to pause as you plan your moves.

Parasite Eve Title Screen


Parasite Eve Action Replay Codes (NTSC-U)

Parasite Eve CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

Parasite Eve CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-J)


Parasite Eve Lists
- Armors
- Items
- Weapons


Wayne Ultimate Weapons - 300 Junk

Shotgun Ultimate Weapon

In order to get the strongest weapon available (stat wise) in Parasite Eve you'll need to bring Wayne, the cop in the Police Station's armory, 300 pieces of Junk. This item can commonly be found dropping off different enemies throughout the game as well as stolen from some enemies.

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Secret Rooms in the Museum (Day 5)

Secret room in Nature room

The last big dungeon that you tackle in Parasite Eve is the Museum. You visit this place throughout Days 2 - 4 but you don't actually get to explore it until Day 5. Much like the rest of the game, the Museum has many secrets hidden throughout its halls for those who like to explore. My guide lists all of them that I have managed to locate.

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Chrysler Building (Ex Game Sidequest)

Chrysler Building Ex Game Sidequest

After beating Parasite Eve, you'll unlock a new game mode called EX Mode. During this game mode, you'll be able to access the Chrysler Building on Day 2 which is the main allure of playing the game through a second time.

- You keep both the Weapon & Armor that you have Wayne name for you at the end of your first play through

- Wayne remembers how much Junk you give him between playthroughs, making the "Ultimate Weapon" easier to get on the second playthrough

- Wayne keeps ALL items & equipment that you tell him to hold onto between games

- You don't maintain your level/stats/inventory spaces between play throughs, you do however keep your Bonus Points


Central Park Zoo Key

Central Park Zoo Key

One of the more hidden items to find in Central Park is the Zoo Key. It's found in the drawer to the left of the computer in one of the very first rooms you come across in Central Park.


St. Francis Hospital Key Item Locations

Autopsy Key Location

The Autopsy Key in St Francis Hospital is found inside the desk with the phone on it that's located in the back of the morgue.


Parasite Eve - Richard Dawkins' Selfish Gene Theory

Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene Theory

As someone who actually knew about Richard Dawkins and the Selfish Gene theory before playing this game (as an adult) it came as a shock to me seeing it mentioned. It happens early on during Chapter 3 when you meet Maeda and take him to the research lab at the Museum.