Manaan Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Ebon Hawk Docked on Manaan

Manaan is the only ocean planet on our list of visitable planets and is one that you typically want to save until after you finish Tatooine and Kashyyyk. When you first arrive and step outside the Docking Bay you'll be greeted by a Republic soldier arguing with a Sith soldier, you'll be able to talk with the Republic soldier after and ask him a bunch of questions.

After exploring Manaan a little bit you may start to notice it is similar to Taris in the sense that the majority of the planet is a city. There are numerous Side Quests for you to pick up and complete on this planet, if you'd like to see the map location for where you can find all of them check my Manaan Companion Guide.

Manaan Side Quests:

Kidnapped Selkath Youth
Nilko Bwaas
Sunry Murder Trial
Genoharadan Bounty
Queedle Manaan Swoop Racing

When you're ready to start the story quest on Manaan you'll want to head over to the Republic Base found in East Central. Talk to Roland at the reception desk and ask him about the Star Map, he'll have information for you but will be unable to tell you anything until you help him out first.

Roland at Republican Emissary

Roland asks you to break into the Sith Base and recover a droid's data module for him. In order to gain access to the Sith Base you'll have 3 choices, decrypt the Sith passcard, interrogate the Sith prisoner or break into the private hangar in the Docking Bay. Decrypting the Sith passcard is a logic puzzle, interrogating the Sith prisoner is easy if you have high [Persuade] and breaking into the Docking Bay is the pure combat approach.

Below are the 3 approaches laid out for you so you can choose the one that best suits you. No matter which approach you choose there is no Light Side or Dark Side Points to be had - even the pure combat approach will not earn you any points.

Decrypt Sith Passcards: (Video of me decrypting Sith passcard) You will be asked a series of math questions and you'll have to choose the correct answer. Below are all of the correct answers laid out for you - or you can watch my video instead if you'd like to be walked through the quest that way.

1st Answer: 22
2nd Answer: 18
3rd Answer: 64
4th Answer: 2
5th Answer: 6
6th Answer: 7

Interrogate Sith Prisoner: The interrogation with this Sith Prisoner works a lot like the one on Korriban with truth serum. For a good writeup of exactly how it works check the Kotor 1 wiki. There is no one way to do this, you basically just keep trying different things until it eventually works.

Break Into Private Hangar: Definitely the most straight forward approach of the 3. Go to the Manaan Docking Bay and open the door to the Private Hangar - it's marked on your map. You'll immediately be attacked by a group of Sith enemies, once defeated you'll be able to ride the nearby elevator up into the Sith Base.

Once you're inside the Sith Base our main story objective includes obtaining the Data Module and the Datapad. The Data Module is found on a Broken Droid in the western portion of the Sith Base near the entrance (pictured below). As for the Datapad, that's found in the far northeastern most portion of the Sith Base and is optional but still worth getting.

You can also do the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest inside of the Sith Base, this quest is tied in closely with our story objectives. For the map location of each area check my Manaan Companion Guide.

Broken Droid in Sith Base

To solve the Flow Control Room 'puzzle' in the main room that connects both corridors press both of the "Door Control" panels then enter the northern most corridor. Proceed through each corridor one at a time hitting the door/flow controls to transfer the water. Basically, so long as you hit both Door Controls in the main room you'll be able to pass through each corridor with no issue.

Inside of this base the other 'puzzle' is the red steam vents in the northwestern part. The way these vents work is there are always two which have no steam blowing out of it and they switch on and off in an ascending/descending order. Pay close attention and inch your way through this hallway to finish. You can also turn down the difficulty to make the vents do less damage then just use the Burst of Speed Force Power and run through. On Normal the vents do 25 damage each, they'll do less on Easy.

After you've obtained the Data Module from the Broken Droid and the Datapad from the northeastern most room you're free to leave the base. The Data Module is required to give to Roland at the Republic Embassy and the Datapad solves the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest, it's also a get out of jail free card for what comes next.

Selkath Placing You Under Arrest

When you leave the Sith Base you will be stopped by some Selkath who will take you into custody. There will be a long scene during which you'll be put on trial. Unlike real life it's best to represent yourself in this trial and you'll want to either give the Selkath the Datapad you found... Or you'll need to convince them that you were there on diplomatic reasons and the Sith double-crossed you.

If you choose to have the Arbiter represent you then you can interrupt him at any time during the trial and give the judges your Datapad. If decide to represent yourself in the trial from the very beginning then you'll need to do the following:

1. Plead not guilty
2. Say you were searching for the Selkath Youth as part of the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest
3. Show the judges the Datapad you got from inside the Sith Base
4. If you didn't collect the Datapad then you'll need to tell them that the Sith offered you a job and when you refused they attacked you. Or that you were there for diplomatic negotiations and they attacked you.

Make sure you be careful with what you say to the Selkath Court because you can be sentenced to death if you lie to them or admit your guilt. Once the trial is over your charges will be dropped and you're free to go. You're going to want to head to the Republic Embassy next where you'll want to speak with Roland and give him the Data Module.

He'll give you access to the submersible in the back of the Republic Embassy which will take you down to Hrakert Station.

Submersible to Hrakert Station

When you first arrive at Hrakert Station you'll encounter a mercenary who will be freaking out. Tell him he is Selkath food to trigger a fight with him and get some Dark Side Points, otherwise say whatever you want. There will be a computer to the east you can use to download the entire map for the area if you'd like. For locations on every point of interest check my Manaan Companion Guide.

All we need in this area for our primary story quest is an Environmental Suit and a Sonic Emitter. Once you've acquired both you can head out to the Sea Floor via the Pressure Door in the southern portion of the area. When you're outside you will want to follow the survivor out to the sea floor for a scene.

Firaxa Sharks are the only enemies you'll face in the open ocean and you can instantly defeat them by using the Sonic Emitter when they agro you and start swimming towards you. Don't let them hit you as they'll one shot you just like the other guy. Our destination is the eastern most portion of the sea floor where there will be two doors you can enter that lead to the Kolto Control map.

Inside the Kolto Control area you'll come across two people, Kono Nolan and Sami who will initially try to kill you. To survive their attack simply stop the depressurization by using the computer panel in the same room or speak with them through the Force Field and [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] them to stop.

Kono and Sami in Kolto Control

You'll be able to speak with both Kono and Sami after you stop the depressurization process. These two will give you a run down on what happened in the facility and how you can fix the insane Selkath problem and return everything to normal. Essentially you're given two paths on how to return everything to normal - one path will give you Dark Side Points and the other Light Side Points.

After your conversation with Kono and Sami you'll be given the option of killing them both for Dark Side Points as well. There are no Light Side Point opportunities during your conversation with them. Below are the two different approaches that you'll have for disabling the Kolto Harvesting Machine along with the ramafications of each action.

Light Side Points: (Video of me overloading the Kolto Tank) Repogram the harvesting machine and cause it to explode. In order to reprogram it you'll need to do the following at the Kolto Tank:

1. Fill injector pod
2. Transfer from injector to container
3. Fill injector pod
4. Transfer from injector to container
5. Dump container pod
6. Transfer from injector to container
7. Fill injector pod
8. Transfer from injector to container

Dark Side Points: Put toxin into the harvesting machine and poison the water.

**Warning** If you choose to put toxins into the water and poison it you'll be taken into custody when you resurface on Manaan and (possibly) banned from the planet permanently. There is only a single set of answers you can give to the Selkath High Court that will not result in your ban, they're mentioned below.

On your way back to the surface it's possible you'll run into Calo Nord if this is your first planet after Dantooine or Darth Bandon if this is the 4th planet. Your encounter with them will take place just before the hallway that leads to the submersible so be prepared with Shields, Stims and Force Powers if you need them.

Back on the surface you will be taken into custody by the Selkath regardless of which path you chose. Go with them peacefully and when you're in front of the court you'll want to say the following 4 things to get away with your crimes (if you poisoned the water):

1. I guess you'd find out anyway: the harvesting machinery released a toxin into the water.
2. It's not my fault! The harvester malfunctioned!
3. Okay, I did it. But you can't do anything to me - I know too much!
4. If you ban us, I'll tell that the kolto is destroyed!

If you fail to answer the Selkath court exactly as you see above then you'll be removed from Ahto and sent back to the Ebon Hawk. You will still be allowed to land on Manaan in the future but you will never be allowed outside of the Docking Bay as the doors will forever be locked.

Depending on what order you're doing the planets in, if Manaan is your 4th of 5 Star Maps then you'll be picked up by the Leviathan, Saul Karath's flagship when you leave. Otherwise you'll have whatever the remaining planets are to choose from. Choose whatever guide you need for the planet you're going to below.


Leviathan - Once you obtain 4 of 5 Star Maps you'll automatically be picked up by the Leviathan when traveling to another planet

Tatooine - Here you'll be able to get a new party member HK-47

Kashyyyk - During the story quest of Kashyyyk you'll be joined by Jolee, a new party member

Korriban - It's typically best to save the Star Map on Korriban for last; after finishing the Leviathan.

Unknown World - Once you've collected all 5 Star Maps you'll be able to crash land on the Unknown World. Going to this world is the point of no return so make sure you've finished up all Side Quests and other events you'd like to get done.

(Optional) Yavin Space Station - As you obtain more Star Maps more supplies will be stocked at this space station. It's definitely worth visiting here a few times throughout the game since the vendor here sells some of the best items in the entire game.