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Tatooine Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Tatooine Walkthrough

Tatooine is a good choice for the first planet you visit after Dantooine as is Kashyyyk. When you land on this planet you will be bothered by the Czerka corportation and asked to pay the 100 Credit docking fee as per usual with every new planet you visit. While leaving the Docking Bay on Tatooine you'll be approached by Jor Ul Kurax and automatically start the Gizka Invasion Side Quest.

Before leaving the Docking Bay I recommend you talk to the Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu vendor in the southern portion of the area. He has a few goodies for sale (including the Gizka Poison you need for the Gizka Invasion quest) but right now what you'll want to buy is Bantha Fodder for 1 Credit. This is used in the story quest for this planet at the very end.

Tip: The Tatooine Docking Bay is one of the two best locations in the game to start Companion Quests. I talk more about what this is and how to trigger them in my Companion Guide for Tatooine.

Leaving the Docking Bay will put you in the town of Anchorhead which has numerous buildings for you to explore and opportunities for Side Quests and/or Light Side/Dark Side Points. You'll also encounter a pack of Dark Jedi in the middle of Anchorhead so be prepared for a tough fight while exploring your first time. Below are the primary Side Quests that you can find in Anchorhead that take place on Tatooine.

Side Quests in Anchorhead:

Nico Senvi (Swoop Racing)
Sharina Fizark
Mission's Brother Griff (Companion Quest)
Bastila's Mother (Companion Quest)

As always I cover all the optional content you can do on this planet in much more detail as part of my Companion Guide for Tatooine. This page primarily covers the story elements of this planet.

Here is what you need to do in Anchorhead before proceeding with the main story:

1. Obtain the Hunting License from the Czerka Office
2. Purchase the HK-47 from the Droid Shop
3. Talk to Iziz near the front gate of Anchorhead about the Star Map and agree to help him

Iziz Jawa Rescue

In order to get the information we want about the Star Map you'll have two possible approachs. You can choose to help Iziz and free his people from the Sand People Enclave near town, the only way to free his people will be through violence. Or you can choose the non-violent approach and get the map we need from the Sand People Chieftan. Both approachs are detailed below and neither approach will give you Light Side or Dark Side Points.

The non-violent approach definitely takes longer and is more tedious but it'll give you access to a very unique item, Raito's Gaderffii. In order to get this item you'll need to return to the Sand People Chieftan after you slay the Krayt Dragon and show him the pearl, you'll get some xp for this but more importantly you'll make 'The Storyteller' appear who will give you a ton of background and lore as well as be equipped with this item. For more info about this check out my Storyteller Tatooine Side Quest.

**Warning** If you are not currently on Mission's Brother Side Quest once you clear out the Sand People Enclave you'll never be able to complete this quest. Griff is being held prisoner in this enclave and the game bugs out if you kill everyone inside - it will make it so Griff will never spawn inside when you reach this point.

Sand People Enclave Entrance

Below I have broken down the two different approaches and what you'll need to do for each.

Non-Violent: Have HK-47 in your party and have him negotiate on your behalf with the Sand People. They'll ask for Moisture Vaporators which you can buy from the Czerka Office in Anchorhead. Return to the Sand People Enclave after obtaining them and you'll get the Map of the Eastern Dune Sea along with being able to free Griff (but not the Jawas).

Violent: Wear the disguises to get into the Sand People Enclave then just kill everyone inside and free the prisoners yourself. Return to Iziz for the Map of the Eastern Dune Sea and information about the Star Map.

Regardless of the route you take - you will still need to wear the Sand People clothes to get inside of the Sand People Enclave. If you approach their town without having the robes equipped their turrets will fire at you and instantly kill your whole party. As aforementioned, you'll also find Mission's Brother Griff as a prisoner inside of the Sand People Enclave if you've started the Mission's Brother Side Quest.

After you obtain the Map for the Eastern Dune Sea from either Iziz or the Sand People Chieftan you'll be able to continue with the story. In the Eastern Dune Sea you'll find a Krayt Dragon cave at the northern most end, just outside this laid will be a man by the name of Komad Fortuna.

Komad Fortuna Outside Krayt Dragon Cave

Komad Fortuna is found in the northern portion of the Eastern Dune Sea just outside the Krayt Dragon lair. Speak with him and he'll tell you his plan to lure out the dragon but it'll require some Bantha Fodder first. You can buy this from Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu who is found in the Docking Bay of Tatooine along with a few other places. You may already have some with you.

To the southeast of where you found Komad there will be a large pack of Bantha which you'll be able to use the Bantha Fodder on to trigger a scene. Defeat the Sand People that attack then interact with the Banthas to complete the journey back to Komad. Tell Komad you're ready to go and you'll get a scene of the Krayt Dragon coming out of his cave and getting blown up by the mines.

Komad will reward you with a Krayt Dragon Pearl for helping him (assuming you agree to take the reward). This item can be shown to the Sand People (if you're still friendly to them) for the Storyteller Side Quest. In the back of the cave you'll find the Star Map that we're after as well as the Holocron for the Bastila's Mother Side Quest if you're currently on it.

Calo Nord or Darth Bandon: If this is the 1st planet you're doing after Dantooine you'll have to fight Calo Nord before leaving this area. Or if this is the 4th planet you're doing there will be a Dark Jedi waiting for you named Darth Bandon. Both fights can be quite difficult for different reasons, save before engaging them and use Shields, Stims and Force Powers then engage if you need the extra boost.

Tatooine Star Map

We're now officially done with Tatooine - you can return to the Ebon Hawk and head off to the next planet you plan to do. Kashyyyk is a great choice if you have not already been there otherwise I recommend Manaan. Typically Korriban is saved until last.