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Yavin Space Station Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Suvam Tan in Yavin Space Station

The Yavin Space Station is a completely optional location which you can access from the list of planets on the Ebon Hawk. Originally this location was only available in the PC version of the game but it later became available on the Xbox versions if you had an Xbox Live account and were able to download the patch that enabled it.

In the eastern most portion of the Yavin Space Station you'll find an NPC by the name of Suvam Tan who will have some of the best items in the game available for sale. Aside from Suvam Tan the only other living thing you'll find on the ship is his pet Gizka which will get you Dark Side Points if you kill it.

Suvam Tan will restock his inventory 2 times throughout the game with better items each time - so it's worth it to revisit him from time to time. If you'd like to see a complete inventory for him check out the Kotor wikia. It contains a buttload of information, as you could imagine.

1st restock is after you find 3 Star Maps - Suvam will be surrounded by Trandoshans when you arrive but they will leave without a fight
2nd restock after you find all 5 Star Maps - Trandoshans will appear while Suvam is talking to you and this time there will be a fight

As mentioned above, the first restock happens after you find 3 Star Maps (including the Dantooine Star Map). The second restock is after you collect all 5 Star Maps, right before you crash land on the Unknown World and reach the point of no return in Kotor 1.

Tip: Once you crash land on the Unknown World and reach the point of no return there are no more vendors in the game. For this reason I strongly recommend you go on a massive shopping spree and buy everything you want from Suvam and Mika Dorin (Korriban) and sell everything you aren't using.

Trandoshans on Yavin Space Station

You can tell that Suvam has new items in stock because there will be a scene involving Trandoshan enemies each time he restocks. The first time they will leave without a fight even if you provoke them but the second time you'll have to fight a pack of 7. The upside is you'll find a lot of Credits and items on each corpse which you can then spend at Suvam for better stuff.

If you're having trouble affording all of the items at Suvam a tip is to play him in Pazaak or Force Persuade him for a discount. If you beat him 10 times in Pazaak he'll give you a 20% discount off all his items and you can Force Persuade him for an additional 5% discount.

Note: Suvam pays you more than double any other vendor for Racing Bonds that you win from Swoop Racing.