World Overview Guides - Baldur's Gate 2

World Overview Guide

This page contains a list of every major map in Baldur's Gate 2 sorted in alphabetical order. Each map will have a link that you can follow that'll take you to my World Overview Guides for that map. My World Overview Guides are essentially walkthroughs but in a slightly different format. Instead of holding your hand the entire game like a real walkthrough does I give you a bird's eye view of the entire map and let you make your own decisions about what you want to do and in what order.

For more information about any of the zones on this page simply click on the link to be taken to that guide.


Abandoned Amphitheater

Athkatla Bridge District
Planar Prison
Twisted Rune Hideout

Athkatla City Gates

Athkatla Docks District

Athkatla Government District

Athkatla Graveyard District
Crypts of Durkon
Dragomir's Tomb
Lower Tombs
Lower Tombs 1
Lower Tombs 2

Tombs of the Unproved

Athkatla Slums District
Copper Coronet
Planar Sphere
Slaver Stockade
Slums Sewers

Athkatla Temple District
Cult Hideout
Ghoul Town
Lower Reaches
Mekrath's Hideout
Mind Flayer Area
Pit of the Faithless
Temple Sewers

Athkatla Waukeen's Promenade
Red Wizard Enclave


De'Arnise Keep

Druid Grove

Forest of Tethir


Heretic Temple

Hidden Refuge

North Forest

Resurrection Gorge

Small Teeth Pass


Spellhold Dungeon
Dungeon Level 1
Dungeon Level 2
Dungeon Level 3

Spellhold Tests
Spellhold Tests Good Route
Spellhold Tests Bad Route


Temple Ruins


Tree of Life

Umar Hills

Eastern Tunnels
Southern Tunnels
Western Tunnels

Underdark Exit

Ust Natha
Ust Natha Tavern

Wild Forest

Windspear Hills
Windspear Hills Dungeon