Graveyard District Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Graveyard District Overview

The Graveyard District will start with a fog of war throughout the zone, despite this there are no enemies in this district except for during Chapter 6 when you return to this area to take out Bodhi. I would recommend you explore all the various tombs in this zone early on during your Baldur's Gate 2 play through as the enemies in this area are low level and there are many magical items throughout for you to collect and sell for money.

While here make sure you also explore the Lower Tombs along with the Southern Tombs connected to it. Each of these areas have low level enemies and are worth exploring early on in BG2.


Tomb of Dragomir: You will have to visit this tomb with Hexxat/Clara during the Hexxat's Request quest. This dungeon is part of the Enhanced Edition of the game.

Wellyn: During the evening and night you'll find a ghost child walking around this area, speak with him to begin the Put the Spirit of the Child Wellyn To Rest.

Tomb #1: You'll find an enemy named Crypt King inside this tomb which will drop a Namarra +2 Longsword. Inside the chest in this tomb you'll also find a scroll of Project Image.

Tomb #2: Inside this tomb you'll find a Battle Axe +2, if you don't have Korgan in your party then you can just sell it instead of using it.

Tirdir: When you pass this area you will get a dialogue pop up on your screen; click the area next to the open grave and you'll uncover Tirdir. Speaking with him will begin the Find the kidnappers who buried Tirdir side quest.

Lower Tombs: The Lower Tombs is a location that you'll be visiting throughout the game a couple of times. During Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 you'll have story objectives to complete here and you'll also be visiting the Southern Tombs for a couple of companion quests.

Orphan: At this location you'll want to speak with Arenthis and Risa to begin the Locate a Caretaker for the Orphan Risa side quest.

Viconia: After you rescue Viconia in the Government District you can find here at this location. She'll wait for you right here until you want to recruit her to your group.