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Where to Farm Red Opaque Crystals

Getting materials for raising your professions is easier than you could have ever imagined in swtor. With the Crew Skills feature they have in the game you can gather materials for any profession while doing anything. All you need in order to make this work is a few credits, some spare time, a companion and to follow these simple instructions. I'll give this to you in the most basic way possible just incase you have not read my other Crew Skills guides. If you have, skip this part and get to the meat.

First thing is first you will want to open your crew skills window, to do so left click the diamond icon at the top of your screen. After clicking this icon you will bring up a window listing off all of your companions and also showing you what crew skills you have. First you will need to select a crew skill to bring up the window in which we can get started.

From here you will want to select the crew skill you would like to work on, or collect materials for. This will bring up an additional window on the opposite side of the screen and in this window you will be able to select missions that you can send your companions out on. Depending on what level your crew skill is will determine how many different missions you have available to you. To sort through these mission levels use the little drop down menu above the list of missions.

Once you have a level bracket chosen it is time to get to work on gathering materials. First thing is first you need to know what Grade level material you need. Just simply mouse over the item required and it will say what grade level it is. Once you know what grade level item you need then you can select your level bracket and start up the mission.

Above is a picture of what the missions look like. You have the name of the mission at the top, the time it takes to complete the mission and how much it will cost you to perform the mission. You shouldn't really worry about the cost, I've never found a single mission that costed more than what it was worth. (Unless you do one and you fail it of course).

Below the above information is what the mission is about. As far as I know there is no point to this besides lore and story. I've never had what this box say effect my end results. Below the information about the mission is exactly what it will reward and how much. I don't know the exact scale for this but Moderate is on the low end followed by Abundant, Rich and Bountiful. I don't know if that is the exact order but it seems right from my testing. If it isn't please correct me!

After you have selected what mission you would like to perform, you must wait the amount of time it said before your companion returns with your materials. Once he returns with your materials... well.... profit!

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