List of the Best Monster Infrequents - Titan Quest

Resistant Master Forge Greaves of Immortality
Sabertooth of Might

This guide is meant to serve as an updated list of Monster Infrequents in Titan Quest which are considered the best in the game. I wrote this guide in 2021 and I played the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. Please keep that in mind when you read this list as it takes into account the nerfs that happened to some items such as Batrachos Greaves.

For anyone unaware, Monster Infrequents in Titan Quest are the olive colored items (not the green ones) that drop from specific enemies. These items are sorted based on the enemies they drop from - an example is the Stonebinder's Cuffs, mentioned below, only drop from Gorgon Geomancers, Profaners and the Gorgon Sisters in Act 1.

Monster Infrequents can be some of the best items in the game depending on what prefix and affix roll you get on it, if you get one at all. For many builds these items are seen as the end game chase items, aka the items you'll be going after to complete your character's best set.

Resistant Stonebinders Cuffs of Speed

The best Monster Infrequents in the games will be ones with both a prefix and a suffix. If you're wondering how/why these screenshots show the prefix and suffix and it doesn't ingame, it's because I am using TQVault to examine these items. TQVault is one of the most useful third party programs that you can get for Titan Quest and I highly recommend it.

Stonebinder's Cuffs

Base Stats: + Skills & Elemental Resistance
Drops From: Gorgon Sisters & Gorgon Geomancers/Profaners in Act 1

Without a doubt one of the best and most sought after Monster Infrequents in all of Titan Quest is the Stonebinder's Cuffs. This item will give you +1 to all Skills on Normal, +2 on Epic and +3 on Legendary. It also comes with built in Elemental Resistance with a chance of rolling both a prefix and an affix that can make the item significantly more powerful.

Casters will typically want a Stonebinder's Cuffs that comes with Pierce Resistance or an additional Elemental Resistance roll. Melee typically want a pair of Stonebinder's Cuffs that comes with a bonus to Attack Speed. As far as farming this item goes, the best location to farm it is typically the Gorgon Queens in the Pythian Caves. Each run I would recommend you take out the Gorgon Queens and clear the Pythian Caves since the Geomancers and Profaners have a chance of dropping this Monster Infrequent too.


Base Stats: Attack Speed, Dexterity & Offensive Ability
Drops From: Tigerman Enemies in Act 3

The Sabertooth Sword is one of the best melee weapons in the game and it is insanely easy to acquire too. Almost all melee builds will stop to farm in Act 3 until they've obtained this weapon and it won't be replaced until later on during Act 5 when you get Einherjar's Fate. For those of you without the Ragnarok DLC this weapon will probably never be replaced.

I would recommend you farm for the Sabertooth Sword from the Tigermen in Jinghe River Valley. This location is very close to a Rebirth Fountain and there is literally no down time between resets when farming here. For more information about this location check out my Tigerman Act 3 Farming Location.

Einherjar's Fate

Base Stats: % Physical Damage; % Damage to Giants & Grants Skill Reckless Offense
Drops From: Humanoid enemies in Asgard (Act 5)

Much like the Sabertooth Sword, almost all melee builds will want to stop and farm an Einherjar's Fate before completing Act 5. This weapon is basically an upgraded version of the Sabertooth sword and is arguably the best melee weapon in the entire game. In Titan Quest, for the majority of builds, you're going to want a weapon with a Fast attack speed and high damage and both Sabertooth and Einherjar's Fate fit the bill. Since Einherjar was added in the Ragnarok expansion and is a newer weapon it has higher damage than Sabertooth making it the superior weapon.

In addition to Einherjar's Fate you can find many other Monster Infrequents from the enemies throughout Asgard (Act 5). If you'd like to learn more about this farming location check out my Asgard Monster Infrequent Farming Guide.

Boots of the Valkyrie

Base Stats: +1 to all Skills, Health Regeneration, Movement Speed
Drops From: Valkyrie enemies in Asgard

Boots of the Valkyrie are one of the best Monster Infrequents added into the game during the Ragnarok expansion. These boots come with a small amount of Health Regeneration as well as some Movement Speed; their biggest selling point of all though is the +1 to all Skills which is rare to find on shoes. Many people consider Boots of the Valkyrie to be the Stonebinder's Cuffs of Ragnarok.

This item can drop from any of the Valkyrie enemies throughout Asgard in Act 5 and is a very rare drop (about 0.200%). Thankfully you can farm this Monster Infrequent along with other ones such as Einherjar's Fate from the same location saving yourself much time. If you'd like to learn more about this farming location check out my Asgard Monster Infrequent Farming Guide. It goes into a lot more detail about where to farm the Boots of the Valkyrie than this page.

Soldier's Unyielding Will

Legendary Base Stats: +300 Defensive Ability, 7% Chance to Dodge Attacks
Drops From: Formicids in Act 4

If you don't have a really good Blue or Purple shield this one can fill in the blank for the time being. 300 Defensive Ability is huge and will drastically reduce the damage you take from Physical attacks. If you get lucky and roll a good suffix/prefix on this shield it'll be very powerful, better than a Blue or Legendary shield even.

Soldiers Unyielding Will drops off of the Formicid enemies throughout Act 4. These enemies are found very commonly throughout the Underworld area as well as in the Ampelian Caves where The Stolen Sigil Side Quest takes place.

Khthonion Spike

Base Stats: 5% chance to do 100% more damage; +Offensive Ability
Drops From: Melinoe enemies in Act 4

This weapon has its niche uses since the proc on it can be very overpowered when combined with the right classes and builds. You can also use this as a fill in weapon if you were unable to get the Sabertooth Monster Infrequent from Act 3; or if you get a Khtonion Spike that rolls very well.

Khthonion Razor

Base Stats: 9% Attack Damage converted to Health; 60 Energy Leech over 3 seconds
Drops From: Melinoe enemies in Act 4

Again this is another niche item that drops from the Melinoe enemies in Act 4. Builds that focus heavily on Life Leech/Attack Damage converted to Health will find uses for this weapon. You'll most commonly find Melione enemies in Hades Palace as well as in the Elysium battlefields.

Bramblewood Bow

Base Stats: 25% chance to reduce Resistances; % Attack Speed
Drops From: Anourans in Soronis (frog enemies)

The Bramblewood Bow is regarded as one of the best bows in all of Titan Quest and is frequently farmed by almost every build that uses bows. This is due mostly to the flat 25% chance to reduce Resistances but the boost to Attack Speed on the bow is nice too. In order to get an exceptional Bramblewood Bow you'll need to find one with a good prefix or suffix which could take awhile depending on your luck.

Anouran enemies found in the Soronis swamps in Act 4 are the best location to farm this item. You can find anourans in other areas throughout Act 4 as well but Soronis is where I think to be the best place to farm them.

Prowler's Cuirass

Base Stats: % Elemental Resistance, 15% Fire Resistance and + Dexterity
Drops From: Tigermen in Act 3

Prowler's Cuirass is another one of the Monster Infrequents that you can get from the Tigermen enemies in Act 3. In addition to the Prowler's Cuirass the Tigermen enemies will also drop Sabertooth and Prowler's Cuffs.

The best place to farm this item is from the Tigermen in Jinghe River Valley. This location is very close to a Rebirth Fountain and there is literally no down time between resets when farming here. For more information about this location check out my Tigerman Act 3 Farming Location.

The Night Mistress's Clutch

Base Stats: +Skills for Sands of Sleep and Distort Reality as well as + Energy Regeneration and Elemental Damage proc
Drops From: Empusa enemies in Act 4

The Night Mistress's Clutch is a decent staff for Dream Caster Builds who are just starting out and haven't found anything better yet. On this weapon you will get a nice skill bonus for Distort Reality which is a popular skill in the Dream tree as well as some other nice caster bonuses.

You can farm this weapon off of the Empusa enemies which you encounter throughout Act 4. There are many inside the Tower of Judgment as well as in the City of Paseron where Among The Ruins, The Enemy's Captain and A Dangerous Mission Side Quests all take place.

Deathweaver's Legtip

Base Stats: 5% Chance of +300% Poison Damage and XX ~ XX Poison Damage over 3 seconds
Drops From: Arachnos Enemies in Act 1

Deathweaver's Legtip is probably the best starting Rogue weapon in the game. Builds that focus primarily on the Poison Damage abilities in the Rogue mastery will benefit the most from this weapon but all Rogue builds will find this to be a great starter weapon.

You can get this Monster Infrequent from the arachnos enemies found throughout early Act 1. One of the best locations to farm for this item is in the same cave that the The Poisoned Spring Side Quest takes place in.

Revenant Gear

Base Stats: +1 All Skills (Normal & Epic); +2 All Skills (Legendary)
Drops From: Gilded Skeletons in Act 2

Revenant Gear is one of the most rare Monster Infrequents in the entire game both in drop chance and because of the enemies that drop them are so rare. The base version of this gear has no stats aside from +1/2 to all Skills. You get +1 to all Skills on Normal and Epic and +2 to all Skills on Legendary.

Gilded Skeletons which are found in Act 2 are the only enemies that drop this item. You can find Gilded Skeletons in the Valley of the Kings, they are uncommon spawns here and in the crypts.

(Out dated) Batrachos Greaves

Base Stats: +40/80/120% Defensive Ability & 3/5/7% Chance to Dodge Attacks
Drops From: Anouran enemies in Act 4 (Soronis swamp has plenty)

This item was nerfed heavily in the Anniversary Edition of the game; it no longer provides a % boost to Defensive Ability but rather a flat numerical amount. Normal provides +40 DA, Epic is +80 and Legendary is +120 DA. If you're playing on an older version of the game then this item will still provide the % increase

Batrachos Monster Infrequents are decent items for players who are working on a new character and made it to Act 4 without getting any good gear for these 3 slots. In order to get a Batrachos item that is really worth using you'll probably need to farm for a little bit until you get one that rolls with a good suffix/prefix.

You can farm all of the Batrachos Monster Infrequent items from the Anouran enemies in Act 4. Most commonly you can find these enemies in Soronis, the swamp around Tsakonian Ruins where the Lampido's Potion Side Quest takes place. You can also find them in parts of Tsakonian Ruins but they're not as abundant as Soronis.

Note: While farming the Anouran enemies for these items keep an eye out for Bramblewood Bow too. This is regarded as one of the best bows in the game.