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The Familiars - Act 2 Broken World Story Quest

The Familiars Quest Start

The Familiars is the 2nd Story Quest of Part 2 in the Broken World Expansion Pack for Dungeon Siege 2. You'll begin this quest after you arrive in Aman'lu and speak with Danadel at the front gate. The Elves Under Siege Story Quest precedes this one.

Once you're in the town of Aman'lu you'll want to run around and collect all of the available Side Quests as well as update current ones we have. Below is a list of all the Side Quests you can pick up in town for the time being along with links to guides for each quest.

Available Side Quests:

Minli the Faerie
The Ancient Tome (Vial of Blessed Water obtained in Aman'lu)
The Vai'kesh
The Aman'lu Arena
Questionable Methods (West of Aman'lu)

While adventuring around in Part 2 you'll pass dungeons which have Elves hanging on metal gates that block your entrance (pictured below).

Bound Elf Hanging on Door
Throughout Part 2 of Broken World many dungeons will be blocked with a hanging elf.

Much like in Part 1 where you had optional dungeons blocked off by either vines or blue flame; this time you'll have optional dungeons blocked off by elves. In order to bypass this door you'll need to complete The Familiars and obtain the Unidentified Object from the boss at the end of this quest. Once you defeat the boss this quest item will automatically be added to your journal.

For this quest you will find the first familiar surgeon in the "An Abandoned Elven Ruin" which is found in Western Vai'kesh Forest. Pretty much as far west as you can go in the Western Vai'kesh Forest, right next to the Western Vai'kesh Forest Teleporter, is where you'll find the underground ruins.

Despular The Surgeon Boss Fight

This time our boss fight is going to be against a big brain which is called a surgeon. Compared to the other fights in Broken World which were more survivability focused this fight is more of a DPS race of sorts. Most of the surgeons attacks aren't anything to be too worried about but they have one really annoying move which is to heal themselves.

Bound Crawlers are created from the nearby body piles and they will run towards the boss when they spawn. If you don't attack them and defeat them before they get to the boss they'll heal him. This is why the fight is some what of a DPS race. Put your characters into 'Mirror Mode' and focus on the Bound Crawlers each time they spawn.

If you have any Powers that deal AoE damage, instead of focusing on the crawlers when they spawn you could use your Power instead and keep focusing on the boss. Whirling Strike (Melee), Charged Shots (Ranged), Shrapnel Blast (Ranged), Detonation (Combat Magic) and I am sure many more abilities will let you basically one-shot all of the Bound Crawlers each time they spawn. Time your powers right and you'll be able to maximize your DPS on the boss.

When you defeat the surgeon he'll drop some random items and gold along with two quest items and the recipe for Stormspire, a mage staff. Free Drianjul from her prison in this area and speak with her to complete this quest as well as obtain the key to the Calennor Stronghold.

Completion of this quest will automatically begin The Second Familiar Surgeon Story Quest.