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The Second Familiar Surgeon - Act 2 Broken World Story Quest

The Second Familiar Surgeon Quest Start

The Second Familiar Surgeon is the 3rd Story Quest in Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion for Dungeon Siege 2. You'll automatically begin this quest immediately after you complete The Familiars, which is the previous Story Quest. Much like with the previous quest our goal in this one is going to be find and defeat the next surgeon.

Our destination is Calennor Stronghold which is found in the northern most portion of Calennor Wood, just a tad bit north of The Calennor Wood (North) Teleporter. The entrance to Calennor Stronghold will be blocked by an elf hanging on the door but now that you've completed The Familiars you'll have the required quest item to open this door and all other similar doors.

Inside the Calennor Stronghold you'll find the blade that starts The Vai'kesh (Part 2) as well as one of Celeb'hel's Simulacras. A tip if you're having trouble finding the secret rooms that lead to these Side Quests is to look at your map for blue dots. Blue dots on your map can mean a piece of loot you left behind, a secret location or some clickable object.

When you're ready to face the second surgeon and complete this quest head to the northern most portion of this dungeon to find it.

Baelusar the Surgeon Boss Fight

The fight against this surgeon is going to be exactly the same as the previous surgeon. For the most part you can ignore most of this bosses abilities and just use Potions to heal for the incoming damage. However, during the fight Bound Crawler enemies will spawn and crawl towards the boss; if you let these enemies reach the boss they will heal it. This is the one ability you absolutely can not ignore.

If you have any Powers that deal AoE damage, instead of focusing on the crawlers when they spawn you could use your Power instead and keep focusing on the boss. Whirling Strike (Melee), Charged Shots (Ranged), Shrapnel Blast (Ranged), Detonation (Combat Magic) and I am sure many more abilities will let you basically one-shot all of the Bound Crawlers each time they spawn.

Time your powers right and you'll be able to maximize your DPS on the boss. If you don't have any useful AoE Powers then I recommend you switch to 'Mirror Mode' and focus on each Bound Crawler with all of your characters. Don't stay in Rampage as it'll spread out your damage too much.

After you've defeated the boss you will need to return to Aman'lu and speak with Danadel again to complete this quest. Danadel will create a portal to Solanum and you'll begin the final Story Quest of Part 2 which is also called Solanum.