The Dryad Exile Colony - Act 1 Story Quest

The Dryad Exile Colony Quest Start

Quest Reward: 1 Skill Point

The Dryad Exile Colony will begin by speaking with Taar after you've completed The Plague Story Quest. All you need to do for this quest is to travel to the Dryad Exile Colony in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle. To reach this portion of the Greilyn Jungle you'll need to exit Eirulan from a new location, the southern exit.

You can find the southern exit by taking the platform to the south behind the Pet Merchant (where you get the Dire Wolf Side Quest). Prior to moving onto the next portion of the Greilyn Jungle I'd recommend you pick up and do all of the available Side Quests.

Side Quests Available:

The Hak'u
The Hak'u (Part 2)
The Armorer's Apprentice
Secrets of the Elven Shrine
The Kithraya Hive (pick it up; we'll be visiting here soon)
Dire Wolf (completed where we're going later this quest)
Secrets of Xeria's Temple (done later in Act 1)
Taar's Investigation
Lumilla's Salve

In the Dryad Exile Colony you'll find an old man who turns out to be the Azunite Scholar being attacked by the very Dryads you came here to save. Defeat the Dryads attacking the old man and then speak with him to complete this quest. Your reward for completing this quest will be a bonus Skill Point, one of the best possible rewards you can get for finishing a quest!

Azunite Scholar in Dryad Exile Colony

It's worth mentioning too that this part of the game was buggy on previous versions. If you're not playing on a platform like Steam that has a fully updated version of the game it's possible that the Azunite Scholar will get stuck in a loop where he keeps calling for help and healing himself.

If this bug happens to you DO NOT SAVE! You should exit out of the game and complete this part again. If it keeps happening then I recommend you patch your game to version 2.2 or at least to the Broken World Expansion Pack.

After speaking with the Azunite Scholar and completing this quest you'll automatically begin the next story quest, Leaving Greilyn Isle.

Tip: Before continuing on with the main quest, go to the nearby cave (the Incantation Shrine marks the location) and speak with Hrawn the Hak'u to update The Hak'u (Part 2) Side Quest. This quest will reward you with a bonus Skill Point if you help Hrawn which is an awesome reward!