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Innocent Devils Beginner's Guide - Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Innocent Devils Walkthrough

This is the index page for my Innocent Devil (ID) guides in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Early on in the game Hector will get his first Innocent Devil and it will be thoroughly explained to you exactly what these creatures are and how they can assist you throughout the game. There are 6 different genres of Innocent Devils and each of them fill a different role and have different strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion the best Innocent Devil categories are Battle, Mage and Fairy. You'll want a Fairy ID with you at all times to heal you up when you need it - Fairies are essentially your healers. Battle ID is what I find myself using most of the time since they're durable and reliable. Mage IDs are the most overpowered in the game and they're great if you want to quickly clear an entire room of enemies.

Below I have included links to guides that go over each of the 6 different genres of Innocent Devils. I explain every Innocent Devil available in this game, how to unlock it and what sorts of skills they offer you. Also, I answer the questions on most of your minds, "which Innocent Devils are the best?"

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Some of these Innocent Devils are required to progress through the game and/or to achieve 100% Map Completion. All of the Innocent Devils that you need for 100% Map Completion are listed below along with what I believe are the best Innocent Devils of each category.

You will find some of the same information repeated below on each of the ID guide pages above.


Fairy Type ID

(Combat) Tiramisu: This is the best Fairy ID for actual combat because of the Invincible Vase and Gold Heal skills. Invincible Vase makes you immune to damage for 10 seconds which is amazing and Gold Heal is the best heal in the game. For the most part gold is worthless in this game and Gold Heal is a full heal for 5k.

(Other) Proboscis Fairy: You'll need this Fairy for 100% Map completion. There is a button in the Aiolon Ruins that he can press that will give you access to a couple of rooms.


Battle Type ID

(Combat) Corpsey: From my own experience playing the game and everything I have read online, Corpsey is hands down the best Battle ID you can get. His Bone Storm ability deals great damage and makes him invulnerable while he is using it which is the main reason he shines so much brighter than the rest.

(Other) Iyeti: Shoulder Ride is one of the skills available to Iyeti and it's needed for 100% Map Completion. You'll also need the previous ID, Golem, for the Hip Press skill which is also needed for 100% Map Completion.

(Other) Juggernaut: Brute Force Level 2 is needed for 100% Map Completion.


Mage Type ID

(Combat) Embryo Rod: This is in my opinion the best Mage ID in the game because it can learn Purify which is needed to defeat Blood Skeletons. In order to learn Purify you will have to take the correct route to the Embryo Rod through all of the evolutions but this is the only Final Tier that can learn Purify while still being a good Final Tier. You'll also learn Demonic Disaster which is an amazing AoE attack that deals Holy Damage.

(Other) Nautilus Rod: It comes with the Purify skill which you'll need to defeat Blood Skeletons and achieve 100% map completion


Bird Type ID

(Combat) Phoenix: Phoenix is in my opinion the best Bird ID for combat purposes. The reason for this is the Big Bang ability that they learn, it'll instantly kill Phoenix but at the same time it will deal an insane amount of damage to all enemies in the room (pretty much guaranteeing they're all defeated).

(Other) Wingosaurus: This Bird ID is needed for the Long Glide ability, you'll need Long Glide to reach the Tower of Evermore as well as to achieve 100% Map Completion in the Infinite Corridor.


Devil Type ID

(Other) Gale: You'll need the Magic Circle ability to progress through the main story as well as to achieve 100% Map Completion.