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Tower of Evermore Walkthrough - Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Tower of Evermore Entrance

The Tower of Evermore is one of 2 optional dungeons in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Once you complete the Tower of Eternity you will be able to use a Bird ID with Long Glide to glide over to the next optional dungeon, Tower of Evermore. When you are standing ontop of the Tower of Eternity you'll want to face the moon in the distance and Long Glide towards that - like you see in my picture above.

As you can probably imagine the Tower of Evermore is going to be significantly harder of a dungeon than the previous one. I would recommend you wait until you're at least level 65 before attempting this dungeon - depending on how good you are at the game you may want to wait a little longer.

You can make this dungeon a lot easier by bringing the right Innocent Devils with you too. Corpsey is the best Battle ID to bring with you and I would recommend at least one or two Fairy IDs (Tiramisu is what I would bring) along with at least one or two Mage IDs. If you'd like you can cheese this entire dungeon by stacking Mage IDs and spamming Demonic Disaster or Twinkle Star in every single room.

With a single level 85 Embryo Rod Mage ID I was able to clear about 10 rooms (floors 35 - 25) by using Demonic Disaster before he ran out of hearts. All I did was run around the room dodging attacks as I waited for Demonic Disaster to explode.

One of the biggest tips I can give you for clearing this dungeon too is to always remember to destroy the candlesticks. They'll sometimes contain Potions and High Potions for you which will allow you to heal up between floors. Unless you have Healing Field and/or Gold Heal on one of your Fairy IDs you'll likely run out of Hearts very quickly trying to heal yourself with them.

Below is a list of all the enemies you'll be encountering in this dungeon along with what floors you'll find them on. Something to note is that you do not have to defeat the Blood Skeletons you encounter throughout this dungeon. Once you defeat the other enemies in the room the door proceeding down to the next floor will open.


50FMagical Ticket ×1

49FRed Ogre Lv75, Rapid Sniper Lv40

48FFlame Demon Lv43, Rapid Sniper Lv40

47FFlame Demon Lv43, Basilisk Lv46

46FBasilisk Lv46, Iron Gladiator Lv47

45FIron Gladiator Lv47, Spirit Lv32

44FGreat Armor Lv46

43FGreat Armor Lv46, Red Ogre Lv75

42FRed Ogre Lv75, Flea Man Lv75

41FFlea Man Lv75, Great Armor Lv46

40FFlea Man Lv75, Thief Lv32 - High Potion ×1

39FBlaze Phantom Lv44, White Dragon Lv38

38FBlaze Phantom Lv44, Final Guard Lv75

37FFishman Lv45

36FLizard Shaman Lv43, Final Guard Lv75

35FSkeleton Rider Lv45

34FLizard Shaman Lv43, Flame Demon Lv43

33FEfreet Lv45, Flame Demon Lv43

32FSpirit Lv32, Blood Skeleton Lv75

31FBlood Skeleton Lv75, Final Guard Lv75

30FDeath Ripper Lv40, Thief Lv32 - High Potion ×1

29FMerman Lv35, Frost Dragon Lv39

28FMerman Lv35, Jin Lv45

27FExecutioner Lv47

26FExecutioner Lv47, Frost Demon Lv38

25FFrost Demon Lv43, Armored Sprinter Lv44

24FUnicorn Lv44

23FEctoplasm Lv37, Unicorn Lv44

22FCyclops Lv75

21FCyclops Lv75, Dark Warlock Lv42

20FFlea Man Lv75, Gi-Lee Lv31 - High Potion ×1

19FAssassin Zombie Lv44, Thunder Dragon Lv40

18FAssassin Zombie Lv44

17FAmduscias Lv44, Thunder Demon Lv43

16FAmduscias Lv44, Duke Mirage

15FDuke MirageGhoul Lv75

14FAmduscias Lv44

13FWhite Gravial Lv43, Basilisk Lv46

12FWhite Gravial Lv43

11FAssassin Zombie Lv44, Ghoul Lv75

10FFlea Man Lv75, Death Ripper Lv75 - High Potion ×2

9FSlogra Lv45, Gaibon Lv45

8FSlogra Lv45, Blood Skeleton Lv75

7FBlood Skeleton Lv75, Cockatrice Lv46

6FCockatrice Lv46, Harpy Lv46

5FHarpy Lv46, Red Ogre Lv75

4FRed Ogre Lv75, Iron Gladiator Lv47

3FFlea Man Lv75

2F: (No enemies) - Vampire Blood ×1

1FFlea Man Lv75, Golden Bones


On the second floor of this dungeon you'll find a Vampire Blood item which is one of your big rewards for finishing the place. The second reward for finishing this dungeon is a Miracle Egg which drops from the Golden Bones enemy on the final floor. It's worth noting that this Golden Bones only appears once, after you've defeated him he'll never appear on this floor again.

To leave this dungeon all you need to do is smash the cracked wall on the first floor (pictured below). This will open up an exit/entrance which will put you in the Garibaldi Temple map.

Tower of Evermore Cracked Wall