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Fort Condor Huge Materia (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough

Fort Condor Location

If you've been to Fort Condor before then you'll already know exactly what to expect from this place. It's basically a tower defense mini game where you spend your Gil to place units on the field and fight advancing Shinra enemies. I go into much more detail about this side quest on the Fort Condor Side Quest guide.

For those of you that have never been here before, speak to the guy out front then the guy inside sitting at the table. They'll explain the situation and what needs to be done. When you're ready climb the rope ladder on the right of the screen up to the top bunker area, speak to the guy looking out the window to begin the battle.

Tower Defense Game

You have two options, you can either put your controller down for 10 minutes until the enemies advance up to the shack and you enter into combat with a fairly weak boss... Or you can participate in the tower defense mini game and fend off the attack this way. You get the Huge Materia and Phoenix Materia either way but if you don't place any troops and you just fight the boss you'll get an Imperial Guard (armor) too.

After you defeat the boss/beat the wave you'll witness a cutscene of the Phoenix ontop of Fort Condor waking up and flying off. Head through the door and outside to collect the Phoenix Materia then return to the old guy sitting at the table in the central part of Fort Condor, speak to him and he'll give you the Huge Materia Key Item that we came here for.

Before leaving in the upper right portion of the screen you'll find a Materia Shop which sells new Materia. You can now purchase All Materia here as well as some other yellow Materia that previously we could only get in limited supply, including Deathblow, Manipulate and Throw.

Phoenix Materia ReceivedHuge Materia Received

That's all for us to accomplish here - you can now leave Fort Condor and travel back to Mideel to get Cloud back! Hop in the airship and zip on over to Mideel... Prepare for a fight before entering Mideel - there's a pretty tough boss fight coming up.

Inside Mideel when you enter the clinic that Cloud is in the ground will start shaking and Ultimate Weapon will attack the town. It's strongly recommended that you have Enemy Skill Big Guard as that'll greatly lessen the damage of some of his attacks (without Big Guard you'll be getting hit for 2k + with some attacks).

**Missable Item** Curse Ring - This item is stolen from the Ultimate Weapon and aside from the one we got earlier in Mideel - this is the only other opportunity you'll have to acquire this item.

Ultimate Weapon Battle

After the battle with Ultimate Weapon you'll have an extremely long story segment to get through. You'll be in control of Tifa the entire time inside Cloud's subconcious. To advance the story forward you'll want to keep talking to Cloud every time the dialogue stops.

Once everything is finished you'll find yourself back on the Highwind and you'll have to go to the Operation room and form your party before you're able to continue. Also, now that we have Cloud back you'll want to do some serious Side Questing.

Cosmo Canyon (Elixir, Full Cure Materia and Magic Source)

Rocket Town (Guard Source and Fourth Bracelet)

Chocobo Sage's House (Enemy Skill Materia)

Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break (Final Heaven)

Barret's Level 4 Limit Break (Catastrophe)

Key to Sector 5/Return to Midgar (Premium Heart & Sneak Gloves)

Wutai Side Quest
Wutai Pagoda Side Quest

Chocobo Breeding Side Quest

Enemy Skill Locations & Guide


After you complete Fort Condor and get the Huge Materia you'll never be able to do another Fort Condor Side Quest. Up to this point there were a total of 12 Fort Condor battles that you could have participated in, I recommend heading over to the side quest page I linked to for Fort Condor to see what type of items are available from this quest. Most people miss this on their first place through since constantly going back to Fort Condor is a pain.

One last thing before moving onto the Underwater Reactor - head over to the Chocobo farm and collect the extra Chocobo Lure which is near the fence on the right after you zone in.

Chocobo Lure Received




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