Rocket Town Treasures (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough

Rocket Town Map Location

At basically any point during Disc 2 after you've acquired the Highwind you're able to return to Rocket Town and collect a Guard Source and a Fourth Bracelet accessory. After the Shinra Rocket takes off you'll be able to get Cid's Ultimate Weapon from Rocket town too - that's mentioned further down this page.

Guard Source: Found in the back of the Item Shop

Fourth Bracelet: Found in the back of the Weapon Shop

Rocket Town Treasures



After Space Travel & Huge Materia Quest

Venus Gospel Acquired

Return to Rocket Town and speak with the old man by the Item Shop. Keep speaking to him until he gives you Cid's Ultimate Weapon, Venus Gospel - that's really all you have to do. Earlier in the game you could speak to him 3 times for a different weapon too.




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