Fort Condor Side Quest - FF7 Walkthrough

Fort Condor Location

Fort Condor is a location on the southern end of the eastern continent which appears as a large blue tower with a golden bird on top. This place is home to one of my favorite side quests in the entire Final Fantasy series. It's basically a tower defense game that involves you placing units along the tower to stop the ascending monsters.

You will be able to participate in this side quest over a dozen times at different parts throughout the game and each time you beat it, it'll give you a different and better reward. If you miss one of the Fort Condor battles, it will be missed forever. That means you may not be able to obtain all of the loot seen below.

How this works is, if you only fight 2 Fort Condor battles in total then you'll get a Peace Ring. If you just made it to Disc 2 and (technically) Fort Condor is up to battle #13 but you've only completed 5 battles in total that means your next reward will be a Superball - not the 3 Elixirs. Get it?

List of Rewards for # Of Fort Condor Battles Won

1st Battle: Magic Comb (Red XIII Weapon)
2nd Battle: Peace Ring (Accessory)
3rd Battle: 3 Ethers
4th Battle: 1 Megalixir
5th Battle: 5 Hi-Potions
6th Battle: Superball (Yuffie Weapon)
7th Battle: 3 Turbo Ethers
8th Battle: 3 Turbo Ethers
9th Battle: 3 Turbo Ethers
10th Battle: 5 X-Potions
11th Battle: 5 X-Potions
12th Battle: 5 X-Potions
13th Battle: 3 Elixirs
14th Battle: 3 Elixirs
15th Battle: Story Battle

During Disc 2 you will have to participate in this side quest when you're searching for the Huge Materia but aside from that one time Fort Condor is completely optional. Additionally after you complete the Huge Materia quest that takes place at Fort Condor that will officially mark the end of this side quest. There will be no more Fort Condor battles past that point.

To make things easier for anyone who is really interested in doing this side quest, I have included below a list of each Fort Condor battle and when it becomes available during the game's story. If you'd like strategies and assistance for the Fort Condor battles keep scrolling.

2nd Battle: After doing CPR on Priscilla and waking up in Junon. Before you talk to Priscilla and get Shiva you'll be able to do this battle. Only Cloud will be in your party at this time

3rd Battle: After getting the Shiva Summon from Priscilla and talking to her on the beach for the whistle this battle will be available at Fort Condor

4th Battle: You can complete this right after obtainin the buggy

5th Battle: This can be done after doing the story in Cosmo Canyon but before completing Cave of the Gi dungeon

6th Battle: After completing Cave of the Gi dungeon

7th Battle: After speaking with Shera in Rocket Town but before speaking with Cid

8th Battle: Right after obtaining the Tiny Bronco this battle will be available

9th Battle: After Cait Sith betrays you in Gold Saucer and just before you enter Temple of the Ancients

10th Battle: Once you complete Temple of the Ancients this battle will be available

11th Battle: After digging up the Lunar Harp and using it in the Sleeping Forest you will be able to do this battle

12th Battle: At the end of Disc 1 when you sleep in the bed at the Forgotten Capital, just before fighting Jenova-LIFE. This battle will be available then

13th Battle: When you wake up at the very start of Disc 2, before traveling out to Icicle Inn/the snowfields

Technically some Fort Condor Battles happen during this period but you can't participate in them. If you're trying to go for a 100% game, make sure Fort Condor has at least 15,000Gil donated at the end of the 13th Battle. This will allow them to defend themselves in your absence. I won't be counting these for my list below.

14th Battle: You can do this battle while Tifa is the leader of your party on Disc 2

15th Battle: Huge Materia battle (this is the one mandatory Fort Condor battle)



Fort Condor Battle Strategies & Tips

- Place one or two units then start the battle, move your units down the map so you can place more units further down

- You always want to fight the enemies close to where they spawn, this will allow you to cluster your troops and less will die

- Build a wall with three or four units then make catapults or stone rollers to defend your line

For those of you out there who find yourself to be more visual learners I have filmed three different Fort Condor battles which you can watch

Fort Condor Battle #2

Fort Condor Battle #3

Fort Condor Battle #10




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