Chocobo Breeding - FF7 Walkthrough

Choco Bill

After you complete the Whirlwind Maze and escape from Junon you'll be able to start breeding and raising Chocobos at Choco Bill's farm. In order to reach the Ancient Forest before defeating Ultimate Weapon or any of the Materia Caves you'll first need to breed unique Chocobos that are capable of crossing terrain most Chocobos cannot. This is the purpose of the guide.

To get started you're going to want to fly over to Chocobo Bill's farm and speak with him to purchase as many Chocobo stables as you can afford. He sells 6 in total and that's how many I recommend you purchase right now. Once you've got that out of the way you'll want to purchase some greens from Choco Billy in the stables, assuming you don't already have them. I'd recommend Tantal or Curiel Greens, they'll keep the Chocobo occupied for long enough.

For anyone that wants a succicnt list of all the steps required for breeding a Gold Chocobo, I have broken down this whole guide into just a few sentences just for you. If you'd like things explained in detail then scroll down for additional information.

How to breed a Gold Chocobo

1. Catch 2 Great Chocobos outside Mideel
2. Feed each Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens
3. Race one of the two Chocobos a total of 4 times (or both 2 times; you need a total of 4 wins)
4. Breed them using a Carob Nut until you have both a Blue and Green Chocobo of opposite sex
5. Feed each Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens, win 9 Chocobo Races & breed them for a Black Chocobo
6. Catch a Wonderful Chocobo near Icicle Inn
7. Feed both Chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens then race them so you have a total of 12 wins between them
8. Breed the Wonderful & Black Chocobos using a Zeio Nut for a Gold Chocobo

One last thing before jumping into the guide... If you're short on Gil then I recommend you use my how to earn over 1mil Gil without cheating guide. That will earn you more Gil than you even know what to do with in just a few hours.

Mideel Chocobo TracksGreat Chocobo by Mideel
Chocobo with a Spiral enemy = Great. Otherwise it's a Good Chocobo.

With Chocobo stables purchased and some greens in your inventory it's time to capture some Chocobos! Get in your airship and fly over to the Mideel area, here is where you're going to want to capture 2 or 3 Great Chocobos. You can tell if a Chocobo is Great or not depending on the type of enemy in battle with it. You're going to want a Chocobo that's in a battle with a Spiral enemy (pictured above).

You only need to capture two of these but I recommend 3 incase you get stupidly bad RNG. Once you've captured 2 or 3 return to the Chocobo Farm and SAVE. The Chocobo's gender is decided when you move it into the stables, so if you don't get the gender you want for the Chocobos then reset your game.

After you have both a female and male Great Chocobo feed them both 10 Sylkis Greens (purchased from Chocobo Sage's house) and race them at the Gold Saucer until you have a total of 4 wins. You can race both Chocobos twice or one four times, it doesn't matter. All you need is four wins before moving onto the next part.

Great Chocobo Racing

I personally recommend getting more wins as it'll improve the stats of the next Chocobo - there are some good Materia you can get from Chocobo Racing so it's worth having an overpowered Gold Chocobo. For more information about the Gold Saucer Chocobo Racing Materia follow the link.

If you're going to take my advice then race both Chocobos to class B before breeding them - or class A if you really wanna go all out. Exchange all prize tickets for GP too, you'll be able to use that in the Battle Square for more one of a kind Materia and Cloud's Level 4 Limit Break, Omnislash.

Chocobo Controls:

Select: Switch between Manual/Automatic
Square: Speed Up
X: Slow Down
Circle: Speed Boost
R1 + R2: Hold to regenerate Stamina

Chocobo Racing Tips:

- Hold R1 + R2 to regen your Stamina!! This is an absolute must

- Don't rely on Automatic to win the races for you, it'll win most for you but you should be able to quickly switch to Manual Controls when you need to do something to win that Automatic isn't doing (like using burst speed at the right times)

- Always choose the Short course

- Always hold Square (along with R1 + R2) it increases your speed

- R1 + R2 on the Steam release of this game are Target (R2) and Page Up (R1) commands

Once you've finished all the Chocobo Races that you need, it's time to farm some Carob Nuts and breed your Chocobos. You'll find Carob Nuts on the northern continent, specifically from the Vlakrados enemies (screen shot below). These enemies are only found on the grassland parts of the northern continent, most commonly found in the immediate area around the Chocobo Sage's house (pictured below too).

Choco Sages House Map LocationVlakrados Enemy
Steal Carob Nuts from the Vlakrados enemies by Chocobo Sage's house.

Carob Nuts can be stolen from these enemies as well as won as a reward from battle. You will need a total of 3 Carob Nuts for this quest so I recommend you get them all now, it'll save some travel time in the future. Either way once you have the Carob Nuts you're after you will want to return to Choco Billy and tell him you're ready to mate some Chocobos!

Mate both Great Chocobos you've collected and you will get either a Green or Blue Chocobo. Whichever of the two you received, you need to make sure the next Chocobo is not only the other color but the opposite sex as well. So, if you get a Male Blue Chocobo then you'll need a Female Green Chocobo next time.

After getting your first Chocobo you'll want to leave the Chocobo Farm and save the game. You need to fight something like 10 battles before you're able to breed the same two Chocobos so go and do that now. When you return, before breeding your Chocobos again save your game. If you don't get the exact Chocobo we want, you're going to want to reload the save file and try again.

Available Materia Caves: With the Green Chocobo you can reach the Mime Materia Cave, Lucrecia's Waterfall Cave and the Ancient Forest. With the Blue Chocobo you can reach the Quadra Magic Materia Cave.

Note: Sometimes the RNG can get stuck and you'll get the same colored Chocobo over and over again. If this happens to you then go fight a bunch of random battles somewhere and come back. I typically just fly over to Mideel and grind for 20 minutes before zipping back and trying again.

Black Chocobo Obtained

Once you have both a Green and Blue Male + Female Chocobo you'll want to feed each of them 10 Sylkis Greens, like we did to the Chocobos before them. Afterwards return to the Gold Saucer and race the Chocobos until you have a total of 9 wins between them. Or to S class, which I would recommend you do. This will make the next Chocobo more powerful.

Breeding them after you obtain 9 wins and using a Carob Nut in the process will net you a Black Chocobo, which is pictured above. Again, feed the Black Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens then return to the Gold Saucer and race it until it's S Class. You'll need a total of 12 wins between the next two Chocobos, most of which you can easily get on the Black Chocobo.

Available Materia Caves: With the Black Chocobo you're able to reach the HP <-> MP Materia Cave.

In order to obtain the Gold Chocobo you'll need to breed the Black Chocobo with a regular Wonderful Chocobo which you can catch at the Chocobo Tracks in the Icicle Inn area on the northern continent.

Wonderful CHocoboGoblin with Zeio Nut
Goblin island Map Location

Much like when we wanted to catch a Great Chocobo outside Mideel, you're going to want to look for a certain type of enemy in battle to determine if the Chocobo is a Wonderful one or not. Specifically, if your Chocobo is with a group of white bunnies which are named "Jumping" then it'll be a Wonderful Chocobo.

In addition to getting the Wonderful Chocobo you're also going to need a Zeio Nut which you have to Steal from the Goblins which are found on Goblin Island. A picture of where Goblin island is as well as the Goblin enemies you're looking for is shown above. The goblins will only spawn in the forested areas of this island, so keep that in mind.

Once you have the Zeio Nut, a Wonderful Chocobo and have a total of 12 won races between the Wonderful & Black Chocobos you can finally breed them. Your result will finally be the Gold Chocobo that we've been after.

With this Chocobo you can access all previous locations as well as now collect the Knights of the Round Materia. Feed this Chocobo 25+ Sylkis Greens too for an extremely overpowered racing Chocobo.

Gold Chocobo Acquired