Wutai Side Quest (Disc 1) - FF7 Walkthrough

Wutai Map Location

Wutai is a Side Quest/town that becomes available once you acquire the Tiny Bronco during Disc 1. In order to do this Side Quest or get any of the scenes I am talking about below you will first need to complete the Yuffie Character Unlock Side Quest.

This town is the hometown of Yuffie and when you first come to this island, she'll steal all of your Materia. Shortly after you dock on the beach when you travel up into the mountains you'll get a scene with Yuffie similar to when we first met her.

Two Shinra goons will pop out and attack you, Yuffie will run off and all of your Materia will be gone. You'll have to travel across the world map, half naked, until you make it to the town of Wutai in the north. Also - until you complete this side quest you will not be able to get your Materia back.... For that reason it is strongly recommended you do not save over your primary save file while we're here. If you can't defeat the boss at the end of this Side Quest you're boned.

Wutai Back Half
Wutai TreasuresWutai Treasures

In the town of Wutai the first place you'll want to visit is the large building on the right in the back of the town, shown in the screen shot above. When you enter this building go through the double doors and spend the night at the Inn here to recover your HP/MP. Then go down the secret hallway on the left to find a treasure, Magic Shuriken, a weapon for Yuffie.

To advance the story forward you will want to go right instead of through the double doors. In the next room you'll find a guy sleeping on a bed that you will want to speak with as many times as it takes until Yuffie comes out. After you've done that and before leaving this area you'll want to go through the secret door in the other room just below where we talked to the guy on the bed. You'll find a Hairpin weapon inside the chest here, which is for Red XIII.

Magic Shuriken (Yuffie Weapon)
Hairpin (Red XIII Weapon)

Wutai Front Half LocationsWutai Front Half Locations

For the next part of this quest you're going to have to run around multiple parts of Wutai and "scare" Yuffie out of each one. They need to be done in the same order they're listed below and they're all required to progress the story forward.

If you're having trouble finding any of the locations mentioned below, I would recommend using the screen shots found below. They show each of the locations Yuffie is hiding.

1. Turtle's Paradise Bar: Speak with the Turks here
2. Item Store: pick up the MP Absorb Materia and Yuffie will steal it
3. House near entrance: Yuffie is behind the Japanese wall divider
4. Outside Turtle's Paradise Bar: Inspect the shaking pot
5. Yuffie's House: Hit the lever inside to trap your team mates then untrap them
6. Examine Turtle's Paradise Flyer No 6 in Yuffie's Basement
Want a video walkthrough of each of these steps instead? Check out my Wutai Side Quest Video on youtube!

Note: It's a common bug that I have been hit with twice in my years playing FF7 that the pot outside the Wutai bar never shakes - which means you're stuck inside of Wutai forever and can never leave or finish this Side Quest. The only way I know of to fix this is load an earlier save file and do this part over again. If you're using an emulator - use a regular save file and not save states.

Wutai Gong Door

After you've done all of the above mentioned steps you'll want to head back to the Wutai Pagoda area (the first area where we saw Yuffie). Instead of going into the building on the right, this time you'll want to go left and hit the gong here. This will unlock the door on the bottom of the gong which you can go into (shown in the screen shot above).

In this basement we'll see a familiar face, Don Corneo! After the scene grab the two treasure chests with Swift Bolt & Elixir then exit the building and speak with Reno and Rude standing outside.

Swift Bolt

Our next stop is the Da-chao Statue area which is northeast of the Save Point in Wutai. The turks will be with you as you scale this mountain, speak to them each time you see them on your way up for some entertaining dialogue.

The only treasure chest to find on this mountain side is a Dragoon Lance, which is a weapon for Cid. Technically where the Dragoon Lance is found is the start of another Side Quest/Side Area known as the Da Chao Fire Cavern. You won't be able collect the two treasure chests here until later in the game when you obtain the Leviathan Scales.

Dragoon Lance Acquired

Don Corneo is found directly south of the Da Chao Fire Cavern, so once you find the Dragoon Lance finding him becomes a piece of cake. As you've probably already guessed you'll have to fight a boss here as well named Rapps.

Rapps can be a pretty tough fight depending on the levels of your team. My characters were in their low 30s so he didn't pose much of a challenge to me at all. His most devastating ability is Aero 3 which can hit someone for upwards of 1500 damage potentially one shotting them.

After you defeat Rapps there will be a long scene after which you'll find yourself outside Wutai with all of your stolen Materia back. This officially concludes the Wutai Side Quest... But wait, there's more! If you have collected all 6 of the Turtle's Paradise Flyers so far head back into Wutai and talk to the barkeep to get your reward. Note: The Bar keep wouldn't give me a reward at this point in the game but many guides I have read online say you can turn in this quest now... So, someone's wrong.

If you go back inside of Wutai you'll find that the Weapon Shop is now willing to sell you some goodies too and most of the stuff they sell is better than what you're using. Buy what you want then head to the northeastern most portion of the town where Yuffie's House is. To the left of Yuffie's House is a small building that was previously filled with cats. Go inside it now and up the staircase in the back that was previously unreachable. Up here you'll find a HP Absorb Materia.

Stairs in Cat HouseHp Absorb Materia Acquired

If your Yuffie is strong enough you can also do the Wutai Pagoda Side Quest right now too.... Unless you took my advice earlier in the game and obtained Enemy Skill Big Guard and preferably Enemy Skill Aqualung, you'll probably be too weak to complete the Pagoda quest right now.



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