Misc Items - Breath of Fire III

This page has a list of all Misc Items in Breath of Fire III. On this page you'll find a list of all the Miscs, Rods and Fishing bait in the game together with their stats. If you're looking for a list of Battle Items, Healing Items, Armor or Accessories you'll have to follow one of the links below to their pages instead.


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Faerie Tiara: Needed to enter Faerie Village.

Plate: Appears valuable.

Rusted Medal: Appears valuable.

Gems: Appears valuable.

Clay Vase: Appears valuable.

Marbles: Appears valuable.

Moldy Vase: Appears valuable.

Dirty Rags: Appears valuable.

Tea Cup: Appears valuable.

Beads: Appears valuable.

Rare Book: Appears valuable.

Old Painting: Appears valuable.

Myria Icon: Appears valuable.

Ladon Icon: Appears valuable.

Lithograph: Appears valuable.

Dragon Tear: Appears valuable.

Rice Ball: Smells burnt.

Mackerel: Fish.

Part A: Engine parts.

Part B: Engine parts.

Part C: Engine parts.

Part D: Engine parts.

Part E: Engine parts.

Part F: Engine parts.

Part G: Engine parts.

Part H: Engine parts.

Skill Ink: Used for writing Skill Notes.

Flower Jewel: Appears valuable.

Angling Rod: Fishing Rod

Bamboo Rod: Fishing Rod

Deluxe Rod: Fishing Rod

Spanner: Fishing Rod

Wooden Rod: Fishing Rod

Baby Frog: Bait for Fishing

Caro: Bait for Fishing

Coin: Bait for Fishing

Deep Diver: Bait for Fishing

Ding Frog: Bait for Fishing

Dogwalker: Bait for Fishing

Fat Frog: Bait for Fishing

Float: Bait for Fishing

Frog: Bait for Fishing

Hanger: Bait for Fishing

Heavy Caro: Bait for Fishing

Old Popper: Bait for Fishing

Popper: Bait for Fishing

Sinker: Bait for Fishing

Spirit: Bait for Fishing

Toad: Bait for Fishing

Top: Bait for Fishing

Worm: Bait for Fishing


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