Battle Items List - Breath of Fire III

This page has a list of all Battle Items in Breath of Fire III. I've only included information about Battle Items and their stats. If you're looking for a list of Armor, Healing Items, Misc Items, or Accessories you'll have to follow one of the links below to their pages instead.


Breath of Fire III Item Lists
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Dynamite: Earthquake attack vs all targets.

Weather Vane: Wind attack vs all targets.

Taser: Electric attack vs all targets.

Belladonna: Destroy one target.

Ginseng: Raise one target's power.

Firecracker: Flame attack vs all targets.

Icicle: Frost attack vs all targets.

Napalm: Flame and wind attack vs all targets.

Motolov: Flame attack vs one target.

Hourglass: Stops all but user for 3 turns.

Ivory Dice: Mystery effect if used on enemies.

Puffer: Flame attack vs one target.

Red Catfish: Earthquake attack vs all targets.

MartianSquid: Induces blindness in one target.

Octopus: Induces blindness in all targets.

Angler: Earthquake attack vs all targets.

Devilfish: Electric attack vs one target.


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