Healing Items List - Breath of Fire III

This page has a list of all Healing Items in Breath of Fire III. I've only included information about Healing Items and their stats. If you're looking for a list of Armor, Battle Items, Misc Items, or Accessories you'll have to follow one of the links below to their pages instead.


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Green Apple: Restores 20 HP.

Bread: Restores 20 HP.

Healing Herb: Restores 40 HP.

Vitamin: Restores 100 HP.

MultiVitamin: Restores all HP.

Vitamins: Restores 100 HP to party members.

Wisdom Seed: Restores 20 AP.

Wisdom Fruit: Restores 100 AP.

Croc Tear: Chance of restoring status.

Antidote: Cures poison.

Panacae: Cures all status changes.

Moon Tears: Restores party's HP and status.

Life Shard: Raises user's MAX HP.

Magic Shard: Raises user's MAX AP.

Power Food: Raises user's Power.

Protein: Raises user's Defense.

Swallow Eye: Raises user's Agility.

Fish-head: Raises user's Intelligence.

Moxa: Raises user's Willpower.

Shally Seed: Resrores 5 HP.

Vinegar: Chance of restoring status.

Beef Jerky: Restores 100 HP.

Cheese: Restores 20 HP.

Berries: Restores 5 HP.

Mandrake: Heals all HP.

Jellyfish: Restores 1 HP.

Pirana: Restores 20 HP.

Trout: Restores 40 HP.

RainbowTrout: Restores 5 AP.

Bass: Restores 80 HP.

Black Bass: Restores 80 HP to party members.

Barandy: Restores 240 HP to party members.

Man-o '-War: Restores 1 HP.

Flying Fish: Restores 20 HP.

Blowfish: Cures poison in party members.

Sea Bream: Restores 5 AP.

Sea Bass: Restores 80 HP.

Black Porgy: Restores 20 AP.

Spearfish: Restores 240 HP to party members.

Whale: Restores all members HP and status.

Horseradish: Restores 5 HP.

Radka Meat: Restores 100 HP.

Eye Drops: Cures blindness.

The Mochi: Cures petrification.

Ammonia: Revives party members.


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