Accessories List - Breath of Fire III

This page has a list of all Accessories in Breath of Fire III. I've only included information about Accessories and their stats. If you're looking for a list of Armor, Battle Items, Misc Items, or Healing Items you'll have to follow one of the links below to their pages instead.


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Artemis' Cap: Raises to-hit chance.

Balance Ring: Protection vs confusion.

Barrier Ring: Raises Defense vs psionic attacks.

Bat Amulet: Protection vs Blindness.

Bell Collar: Raises chance of meeting enemies.

Coupons: Handy when shopping.

Cupid's Lyre: Restores HP while walking.

Diamond Ring: Protection vs death attacks.

Dream Ring: Protection vs sleep.

Hawk's Ring: Raises chance of surprise attack.

High Boots: Raises defense.

Holy Mantle: Lower chance of meeting enemies.

Ivory Charm: Raises defense vs all attacks.

Life Sandals: Raises Defense vs status changes.

Light Bangle: Raises Defense vs status changes.

Lion's Belt: Raises Willpower.

Midas Stone: Increases profits. Wgt 10.

Ring of Ice: Protection vs frost attacks.

Ring of Fire: Protection vs flame attacks.

Shaman's Ring: Lowers AP usage by 25%.

Soul Gem: Saves wearer from death once.

Speed Boots: Raises Agility.

Spirit Ring: Lowers AP usage by 50%.

Talisman: Protection vs death attacks.

Thunder Ring: Protection vs electric attacks.

Titan Belt: Raises Power.

Wisdom Ring: Raises Intelligence.


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