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Knick-Knack Island & The Knick-Knackatory - Dragon Quest 5 Side Quest

Knick-knackatory Map location

Knick-Knack Island as well as the Knick-Knackatory are one of the available side quests in Dragon Quest V. This island serves no purpose in the game aside from something fun to do, there are no tangible ingame rewards for collecting all of the Knick-Knacks in the game.

On your first time visiting the Knick-Knackatory the old man here will be blocking the front door. He'll send you to Dominicus' Dominion a tad bit southeast of this location to retrieve an item for him. Speak with the King and he'll tell you to speak with the Innkeeper who tells you to talk to the guy by the bank before finally being sent outside to the slime on the east side of the castle.

Return the item you receive to Old Man Nick Knack to gain access to the Knick-Knackatory Castle.

Old Man Nick Knack
Old Man Nick Knack giving you the Knick-Knackatory.

The Knick-Knackatory is basically a museum where you can place Knick-knacks on display and earn money from people who come to see your exhibits. To collect your money speak with Old Man Nick Knack at the Knick-Knackatory at any point. Obviously the better and more items that you have on display the more you'll make from your exhibits.

Many of the Knick-knacks throughout Dragon Quest V are easy to obtain but some of them require you to jump through a decent amount of hoops. Below is a list of every Knick-knack in the game as well as exactly how to obtain it.



Annalum Retentium (Precaria): Answer 'Yes' to the monster in the room with the very large wheel below town.

Batten Binnacle (Battenberg): In 2nd Generation speak with the old woman (twice) in the room under the Weapon Shop. In 3rd Generation speak with the old man below the weapon shop lying on a bed.

Blooming Branch (Faerie Lea): When you complete the story quests in Faery Lea as a child you'll be rewarded this Knick-knack.

Catas Trophy (Estark): Defeat Estark in 15 turns or less.

Chocolate Medalliyum (Dominicus' Dominion): Purchased for 480 Gold.

Crown of Uptaten (Uptaten Tower): Polish the Toff's Tea Set with the Chamois cloth in your inventory then return the cloth to the count who stands near the main entrance at night to Uptaten Tower. He'll give you the Crown of Uptaten in exchange for the cloth.

Crude Image (Heaven's Above Abbey): Speak to a nun in Heaven's Above Abbey after arriving here during the game's story. Use my DQ: V Walkthrough to learn which nun to speak with.

Desert Rose (Helmunaptra): Speak with people in the Weapon Shop to learn about this item. Spend the night at the Inn and immediately after waking up go south into the desert to find a couple of small rocks and examine them for the Desert Rose.

Faerie Quill (Lofty Peak ~in the past~): Beat the game then load that save file. Go to the Faerie Palace on the central continent and to the picture upstairs and on the right behind the throne room to be taken to Lofty Peak in the past. Find Pankraz here and speak with him then return to Faerie Palace in the present and speak with the scholar who is found downstairs; Zoom to Faerie Lea and speak with the fairy here to receive Faerie Quill.

Forget-me-Knot Flag (Knot Welcome Inne): Spend the night then speak with the innkeeper from behind the desk (required to have a part of 4). This Inn is found near the entrance of Gotha Pass.

Ghoulrourer (Mt Zugzwang): Found on the ground in Mt Zugzwang.

Honey Buns (Mostroferrato): These are given to you as a gift for your wedding during the game's story. This is part of my Dragon Quest V Walkthrough: Chapter 7.

Lofty Lilts (Lofty Peaks): In the room above the elders speak with the woman in Madalena's room. She'll give you this Knick-knack.

Madalena's Locket (Gotha): Your maid gives this to you during story events in Gotha Castle. When you finally regain control of your Hero after being in stone for so long you'll receive this. Dragon Quest V Walkthrough Chapter 7 in my guide.

Madalena's Locket (Upgrade): It's possible to upgrade this locket into an even better Knick-knack but it requires you to do a side quest first. Complete the Faerie Quill Knick-knack and you'll already be half way done this one. Once you've obtained the Faerie Quill return it and the Tusk-tusk tusk Ink to Pankraz in the past version of Lofty Peaks. Talk to the Innkeeper in Lofty Peaks and then use a T 'n' T ticket from your inventory in front of the guard at the tower who is blocking Pankraz's way. Speak with Pankraz back at the house then again inside of the tower. Then speak with the painter in the house Pankraz was originally in to get back your Quill and Ink; leave the painting to have the upgraded locket.

Martial Organ (Coburg Castle): Speak with Harry after he gets married in the room above the Coburg Castle throne room. He'll ask you to go to the chest in his room to read his heartfelt note, return and speak with him again and he'll give you this knick-knack.

Maxi Medal (Dominicus' Dominion): When you first visit Dominicus' Dominion he will send you on a fetch quest. Your reward is the Maxi Medal.

Monster Chess Set (Gotha Castle): Recruit Tuppence (found on the 1st level of the Castle in a room on the right) to your party and fight a few battles with him. Remove him from your party and speak to him again in this room and he'll give you this item. Alternatively, when your wife has been kidnapped speak with the guard in the room to the left of the throne room repeatedly for this chess set. Last but not least, speak with a soldier in the bar prior to your wife being kidnapped and he will tell you he lost a piece of the chess set. Help him find it for this item as a reward.

Scintillating Sinter (Stockenbarrel): Take the Desert Rose Knick-knack and give it to the man in the Stockenbarrel Well to receive the Scintillating Sinter Knick-knack.

Scuttlebutt Alleger (Scuttlebutt Inn): Zoom to Zoomingale and travel directly south. This Inn is the small building just before the Mostroferrato Tunnel. You'll find the Scuttlebutt Alleger on the counter of the Inn.

Ship in a Bottle (Lodestar Harbour): On the pier as you go to board your ship, speak with the man on the left. He sells this item for 1000G if you've already gotten married. You won't be able to obtain this item until your character gets married.

Slime Curio (Fortuna): The same shop in Fortuna that sold you the Wagon (in the upper left hand corner of town) will sell you this. Visit at night and be prepared to pay 5000G for it.

Terrorcrow (Hay): Speak with the man inside of the house to the left of the field with the Scarecrow. He'll tell you to take the Scarecrow with you, which is this Knick-knack. Can only pick up this item once you've completed the story events in Hay.

Toff's Tea Set (Uptaten Tower): Collect the Silver Tray, Silver Teapot and the Silver Cup from the Uptaten Tower dungeon and you'll acquire this Knick-knack. You can further upgrade this Knick-knack by using the Chamois item on it while it's currently on display as an exhibit.

Tusk-Tusk Tusk Inkwell (Tusk Tusk-Tusk Inkwell): Northminster Abbey, speak with the man on the first floor of this place for the item.

Whealbrook Sapphire (Whealbrook & Lofty Peak): Give the man in Lofty Peak the Whealbrook Bluestone from the start of the game and he'll turn it into the Whealbrook Sapphire for you. To obtain the Whealbrook Bluestone inspect the rock that you saved Rockefeller from very early on in the game during the 2nd Generation (when you are an adult).

Yggdrasil Sapling (Zenithia): Speak with the woman in the garden room of Zenithia (or the room adjacent to it, right before the Grappling Hook room). She'll give you this Knick-knack from just speaking with her. You can upgrade this Knick-knack by using the Aspersorium from the final dungeon on it while it is on display in your museum.

Zizzwizz Pillow (Roundbeck): Sleep at the Inn twice then speak with the woman managing the Inn.

Zoomshine (Zoomingale): Speak with the old man in the church of Zoomingale. You can find him in a room on the right; after you do that speak with Professor Zoomingale and tell him you're not interested in another spell. He'll give you the Zoomshine instead.