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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 7

Patty Party Planner

When you awaken and regain control of your Hero the first thing you'll want to do is go downstairs and speak with Prince Albert who is now dressed like a Chancellor. He'll tell you where your mother was born which is going to be our next story destination. However, prior to heading north to that location there is some optional stuff that it's highly recommended you do.

First important thing is to visit Patty the Party Planner who is found in the Pub of Gotha (pictured above). Patty will allow you to recruit Sancho as well as different guards that you talk to throughout the castle as party members. If you're tired of having a party full of monsters this will offer you a nice alternative.

The next thing that it is recommended you do before continuing with the story is a little bit of side tracking to collect some items, including the Zenithian Helm for your child. While on the topic, equip your children with better items than they have (and equip the male child with the Zenithian gear).

Whealbrook: There is a new shop in town that sells some very expensive but very good weapons.

Northminster: Tusk-tusk tusk Inkwell from the man on the 1st floor of the Inn.

Zoomingale: Speak with Professor Toilen to obtain Hocus Pocus as well as Zoomshine. (Note: To get the Zoomshine you have to talk with other NPCs in town about it first).

Gorgie's House: T 'n' T Ticket and Mini Medal. Gorgie's island is the island in the furthest southeast portion of the World Map.

Stockenbarrel: Silk Bustier. Defeat the monster in Bianca's backyard who is guarding a chest.

Coburg Castle: Hermes' Helm. Speak with Harry above the throne room and agree to let your kids play together. Kendrick can be found in the original room that you found Prince Harry in at the start of the game and will play the same trick on your children that Harry played on you. Go into the room above the empty chest and reveal the staircase for your children, go down and find Kendrick. Then return to Prince Harry and speak with his child for the Hermes' Helm.

(Outside) Coburg Castle: Hela's Armor. To the left of the castle there will be a burglar with a chest, defeat him and loot the chest for Hela's Armor.

Helmunaptra: Speak with the Queen in the garden and she'll take you to get the Zenithian Helm.

Zenithian Helm in helmunaptra

Mostroferrato: Ultimate Key. You probably can't complete this quest now but it is available. Zoom to Mostroferrato and enter it for a scene, speak with Mr. Briscoletti and he will ask you to go to the island west of Stockenbarrel with a shrine (if you married one of his kids you were there before). Here you'll need to defeat a difficult boss, for more information check out my Ultimate Key Guide.

Knick-Knackatory: Gold from visitors & items in basement. This is one of the actual side quests of Dragon Quest V. For more information about it check out my Knick-Knack Side Quest Guide.

Dominicus' Dominion: Exchange Mini Medals for prizes. Another official side quest in Dragon Quest V. For more information about this check out my Mini Medals Side Quest Guide.

Moot Point: T 'n' T Ticket, Seed of Wisdom, Mini Medal, Dieamend. Solo house on the northern portion of the eastern continent. It appears as a shrine on the World Map.

Estuary Sanctuary Map Location

We're now officially done with all of the item fetching, it's now time to continue with the story! Zoom to Gotha and hop in your ship to the north, sail it to the northern end of the eastern continent. You will see a small indent on the map and on the northern end of that indent you'll find a small cave which you can sail your ship into.

Blizzybody enemies can spawn in this dungeon and will absolutely wreck your party if given the chance. They have two different AoE abilities that hit your whole group for 40+ damage and you can encounter up to 4 Blizzybody enemies at once. It's not very fun, I speak from personal experience. Necromancers can also pose a problem since they can stop you from casting spells and large groups of Man o' Wars can chain paralyze you.

Once you're out of the cave sail a little bit south until you see a town, this is Lofty Peak. All you need to do in Lofty Peak is grab the Magic Key and Flying Carpet - you don't have to talk to anyone to advance the story forward. Both of these items are found around the back end of Lofty Peak and aren't particularly well hidden. Use the L and R buttons to navigate Lofty Peak if you are having trouble.

Magic Key AcquiredFlying Carpet Acquired

Now that you have the Flying Carpet you'll be able to reach Zenithia Tower/Stairway to Zenithia which is found in the center of the World Map. However I recommend you make use of your Magic Key first and collect the treasures that are now available to you. For more information on the Magic Key Door Locations follow the link provided. It won't take you too long then you can continue with the story.

When using the Flying Carpet you'll need to find a place that is open and flat. You can fly over everything except hills, mountains and forests. Additionally while on the Flying Carpet you will not get into any encounters which makes it a better alternative to the boat.

Zenithia Tower Map Location

Magma Staff Acquired

Inside of the Stairway to Zenithia/Zenithian Tower the only thing you need to collect for the game's story progression is the Magma Staff. You'll find this at the top of the tower guarded by an old man that explains what you'll be using it for (pictured above).

Once you have the staff in hand you're free to leave this tower and head to the next location, a cave that's just south of Lofty Peak. Don't Zoom to Lofty Peak though, as you won't be able to get to this cave from there. Instead, Zoom to Gotha and fly north to where you see me standing in the screenshot below.

What you're looking for is a small cave that's surrounded by some water. Use the Magma Staff in your inventory while you're standing in front of this cave for a quick scene. After which you'll have access to the cave.

Cave to Zenithia

You will be using mine carts to navigate this dungeon and it is surprisingly straight forward. When the mine cart reaches its destination it will eject you off and each of the levers around the dungeon will change the tracks that the cart follows. These are the only things you need to understand to solve the puzzles here.

In the third room of the dungeon you'll find a priest as well as a healing circle that will restore the HP/MP of your entire party. In the room right after the one with the priest you'll find a man who is currently stuck on a mine cart and claims he has been there for 20 years (this sounds unreasonable until later). Pull the southern most lever to change his course then walk over to him and he'll join your party.

There are two more rooms remaining for this dungeon and they are both pretty straight forward. In the final room you'll need to have your mine cart collide with the broken down train engine that's here. When you do this the train activates and pushes you along the tracks letting you access new areas.

Man Stuck in Mine Cart

When your ride on the mine cart ends you'll find yourself in the underwater castle of Zenithia. Can you feel it? We're starting to get really close to the end of the game!





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