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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 3

Harry as a slave in dragon quest 5

When you regain control of the Hero it'll be 10 years later and he'll be a slave. There will be no enemy fights for awhile and you'll have a very linear path to follow to advance the story forward. The very first thing you need to do is speak with Prince Harry who is found on the roof (pictured above).

After you speak with him you'll have to exit and re-enter the roof area to toggle a scene. I'll include these steps as well as the rest of what you have to do below in a list format. It'll be easier to follow that way.

1. Speak with Harry on the roof
2. Exit the roof and enter it again to change it to night
3. Speak with every prisoner in the room when you awaken (Speak with Harry twice) then approach the door
4. Return to the first room where you originally gained control of your Hero after the time skip for a scene with Maria
5. Team up with Harry and fight the Slave-driver guards
6. Speak with Harry twice in the jail cell
7. Take the barrel out of the prison

Heavens Above Abbey After EscapingMaria in Heavens Abbey
Where you wake up & the nun who gives you Crude image near the little girl (left) and Maria post ceremony (right).

You'll awaken at Heaven's Above Abbey, when you exit the room Harry will greet you and there will be a scene with Maria. After the scene find her on the second floor (pictured above on the right) and speak with her to receive 1000G; the only other thing to find in the Abbey is a Crude image Knick-Knack which you can get by speaking with the nun in the room with the little girl (pictured above on the left).

When you're ready to proceed with the story meet Harry outside by the Abbey's exit to the World Map. Our next stop is the town of Fortuna which is to the north of Heaven's Above Abbey. There is quite a bit for us to do in the town of Fortuna, I will cover both how to advance the story forward and the additional content that you should do here below.

Fortuna Town Map

In the town of Fortuna you'll meet Monty who is the Monster Caretaker in this game. Speaking with him will allow your Hero to recruit monsters that he defeats to fight along side him. To do this you'll first need the Wagon which you'll be getting in this town too after night fall (see list below).

You can store a total of 80 monsters at Monty on the DS version but on the SNES version you can only store 50. I'll talk more about monster recruitment and what monsters you should recruit at this point in the game below. For now, finish the story requirements in Fortuna then leave.

Fortuna Story Advancement List:

1. Visit Monty in the southeast portion of town (marked with Slime on map) & speak with him
2. Return to Fortuna at night and go to the house at the northwestern most portion of the town/map (pictured below)
3. Purchase a Wagon here for 300g

Fortuna Purchase WagonWhealbrook and Roundbeck Map Locations
Purchasing a Wagon in Fortuna (left) and the World Map locations of Roundbeck and Whealbrook (right).

Once you are done in Fortuna you'll want to travel north along the World Map until you come across Whealbrook and Roundbeck again (pictured above). I recommend that you head to Roundbeck first since that town is not a dungeon. All you have to do in Roundbeck to advance the story forward is spend the night at the Inn.

Before leaving the Roundbeck area it's recommended you try to recruit a Rotten Apple enemy from the mountains nearby. If you use my screenshots below you'll see both the area to roam around at as well as the enemy that we're searching for. This enemy is popular amongst speed runners since it is such a good monster for this point in the game.

It's recommended that you get the Rotten Apple before doing the next dungeon in Whealbrook since you'll encounter Metal Slimes in that dungeon and the Rotten Apple is able to hit them and defeat them easier than most monsters. For non-Dragon Quest fans, the reason this is so important is because Metal Slimes give you about 5x - 10x more experience than a regular enemy. Metal Slimes also flee from battle rather quickly and are notoriously difficult to land a hit on.

Rotten Apple EnemiesWhere to Encounter Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple enemies (left) along with where you can locate them on the World Map by Roundbeck (right).

After you acquire a Rotten Apple or once you give up head over to Whealbrook and feel free to explore the (now destroyed) town. The only item to find outside the cave is a Seed of Wisdom in a jar. Ride the raft into the cave (the first dungeon you did in the game) and enter the cellar on the island. You saw Pankraz go into the cave as well as this cellar earlier in the game.

There are a few items for you to find in here but the Zenithian Sword is the one we're after to advance the story forward. When you get to the room you see in the screenshot below, make sure that all of the stone tiles on the floor are grayed out. This drops all of the stones down from this floor to the one below, it's the only part of this dungeon that isn't completely straight forward.

Ride Raft into CaveStone Floor to Collapse in Whealbrook Cave
Entrance to the Whealbrook Dungeon with Zenithian Sword (left) and the tile puzzle inside (right).

Zenithian Sword Obtained

When you are ready to continue with the story you'll want to travel to the east of Roundbeck and Whealbrook to the building right next to the river. It's the same one you passed through a little earlier in the game with your father; make sure that Harry is alive and in your party for this part of the game. If he is the guard will recognize him and allow you to pass.

Our next destination (if it isn't obvious) is Coburg Castle to the north. Outside of this castle keep an eye out for Slime Knights in the open field areas; they're the second monster that you will want to recruit to your party. Don't spend too much time out here right now looking for them as you can also encounter them inside of the castle during the next part of the game.

However, if you don't get one in the castle then come back to these fields and hunt until you get one. It's very important that you catch this monster since it'll be your primary healer for the majority of the game.

Forget about going in the front entrance of Coburg Castle since they won't let you past. Instead you'll want to hop on the raft that's in the northeast portion of this area, it's the same raft the kidnappers used to steal Harry. Ride this raft under the bridge of the castle's main entrance and you'll find a secret passage (pictured below).

Coburg Castle Secret EntranceQueen Dowager in Coburg Castle
Coburg Castle secret entrance (left) and Queen Dowager trapped in the basement cell (right).

Inside of the castle you'll need to find Queen Dowager who is in a cell in the basement (pictured above) and speak with her. Then you'll want to go upstairs and speak with King Wilbur who is in the throne room to receive the Key to Coburg, allowing you to open every locked door in the castle.

There are a ton of goodies for you to find scattered throughout the castle that you can now take the time to collect, including a Mini Medal. This is the first Mini Medal that you come across in Dragon Quest V and for those familiar with the series you'll know that this item is involved in the Mini Medal Side quest.

When you're ready to proceed with the story you will want to go to the Warp Pad in the basement (pictured below). Step on this to be transported south of Coburg nearby the Abovitall Tower.

Coburg Castle Warp Pad
Coburg Castle Warp Pad.




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