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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 10

Dragon Quest V Completed Save

This page covers the post game content in Dragon Quest V for the Nintendo DS and Mobile versions. You can only access this content once you've beaten the game and created a post game save. A post game save will have a star next to the save file (pictured above); load up this file and you'll be able to access the secret dungeon that's south of Mt Zugzwang.

Before you dive into the next dungeon I strongly recommend you spend some time leveling up your characters first. In order to defeat Estark you'll most likely need your Hero to be at least level 45 and you'll probably want the rest of your group to be 40+ as well.

In Dragon Quest the best way to level up is by doing a Metal Slime grind and the best place to do that is Gotha Pass which is found south of Gotha Castle (pictured below). For more information about Metal Slimes and how to easily defeat them I strongly recommend you read my Metal Slime Locations & Grinding Guide.

You can also spend some time grinding monsters that you'd like to recruit as well instead of Metal Slimes. Below are some of the monsters that I strongly recommend you look into recruiting if you have not already.

Golem: This monster is one of the strongest physical damage dealers in the game and is a tank to boot. Most strategies for defeating Estark in 15 turns or less for his Knick-knack involve a Golem in your party; they're just that good. Golems can be found in the Knick-Knackatory area.

Slime Knight: Hopefully you got this guy much earlier in the game seeing as how he is great physical damage and comes with many different heals. Slime Knights can be found in the area around Coburg.

Orc King: One of the only monsters in the game who gets Kazing and Multiheal. He also can equip Hela's Hammer and other very useful items (he has very similar equipment restrictions to Sancho). I kept this guy in my Wagon throughout most of the game for the Kazing and Multiheals. Orc Kings are found in a few places, follow the link to learn them all.

King Cureslime: Arguably the best priest you can get for your team. While I generally don't recommend using this guy in your battle line up keeping him on your Wagon will be a big help for healing after each battle. King Cureslimes can only be found in the Stairway to Zenithia/Zenithia Tower area.

There are other optional things you can do in the game too, if grinding non-stop is too boring for you. I talk about many of the optional things at the start of Chapter 7 of my DQ:5 Walkthrough if you'd like to go through the list and complete them, follow the link.

Additionally, if you haven't been following my guide up until this point you may not be aware of the currently available side quests. Below is a brief list of the current side quests you can complete, for more information about any of them follow the links provided.

Knick-knackatory Side Quest

Mini Medals Side Quest

Magic Key Locked Door Locations

Ultimate Key Locked Door Locations

When you're ready to take on the post game dungeon, Estark's Labyrinth, Zoom over to Mt Zugzwang and travel directly south into the poison lake (pictured below). At the northern tip of the poison lake (exactly where I am standing) you'll zone into a cave which is Estark's Labyrinth.

Estarks Labyrinth Map Location

This dungeon is extremely large, much like Mt Zugzwang and there are plenty of goodies for you to find throughout. Out of all the items found here, War Drum is by far the best/most important. When used as an item during battle it grants your entire party the Oomph buff which doubles their physical damage dealt.

First Floor Treasures: Mini Medal, Rebirth Stone, Mini Medal (Mimic), Shimmering Shield, War Drum, Hell Sabre

Your first puzzle of Estark's Labyrinth will come when you make it to the second floor. The path you need to follow to make it to the third floor is.... Left, Up, Up (left entrance), Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right. Following the correct order will lead you to a set of stairs to the next floor.

If you're having trouble following the directions I have written here for how to navigate Estark's Labyrinth I recommend you follow the link provided. That link will take you to a Youtube video which demonstrates how to make it through this entire dungeon and find Estark.

Second Floor Treasures: Massacre Sword

Third Floor Treasures: Mini Medal (Mimic), Elfin Elixir, Metal King Armour

On the third floor to find the Mini Medal and Elfin Elixir go up one screen then up the same stairs that you came down. You'll find yourself in a different area, go south and you'll find two treasure chests with these items.

To advance to the next floor go left from the room with the stairs then down a couple times until you find a dead end room with a treasure chest that contains the Metal King Armour. Retrace your foot steps up one room from the Metal King Armour treasure chest then go right two rooms. There will be a staircase next to an empty chest that leads to the 4th floor.

Fourth Floor Treasures: Flail of Destruction

At the bottom of this dungeon, on the 5th floor, you'll find Estark who is surrounded by lava (pictured below). Approach him and tell him you wish to destroy him to begin the fight. You can fight Estark as many times as you'd like since he respawns once defeated. Estark will actually tell you too how many rounds it took for you to defeat him on your consecutive tries.

Estark in Dragon Quest VEstark Optional Boss Battle

Estark is the most difficult fight in the entire game and I don't recommend you even bother trying him until you're level 40+. He uses Kaboom, Kafrizzle, C-c-cold Breath, Disruptive Wave and Scorch; the majority of these attacks are AoE and deal Fire/Cold damage. For this reason, Insulate is one of the most important spells that you can keep on your party throughout this fight.

Immediately when the fight begins 'Use' the Zenithian Sword as an item during battle to dispell the Bounce shield on him. He can't recast it so you only need to do this once during the fight. Also I recommend using the War Drums that you obtained earlier in the dungeon as well as the Sage Stone if you need extra heals.

The party makeup that I recommend to you is to use the Hero, Son, Daughter and Purrcy if you don't have Debora as a wife or Bianca. If you have a Golem monster you can use that instead of your wife too or some other high physical damage dealing monster. Put your Sage Stone on your Daughter so she can deal damage and heal; that will give you 3 healers for this fight.

Don't worry if you can't defeat Estark in your first try, I tried him at level 49 and I got absolutely obliterated because I got a super unlucky RNG string of attacks. I can only take so many turns of back to back C-c-cold Breaths and Kabooms before I die. Worse comes to worse if you can't defeat him do some Metal Slime Grinding to get some levels and come back here. I strongly recommend the Metal King Slimes in Mt. Zugzwang, you'll be able to get a couple levels an hour here well into the 60s.


Tip: Visit Pontoon and the Ventuno Casino to purchase Elfin Elixirs for your party. They'll fully restore your MP and help with both the boss fight and grinding.