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Metal Slime Farming Locations & Guide - Dragon Quest 5

Liquid Metal Slime in Gotha Pass

For those of you out there who have never played a Dragon Quest game before, Metal Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal King Slimes are unique monsters that give the player a huge amount of EXP when slain. These enemies can spawn in numerous areas throughout the world and are very rare.

Liquid Metal Slimes are the first ones we will talk about and they're most commonly found in Gotha Pass (pictured below).

The catch with these enemies is that although they give you a lot of EXP they are both difficult to find and difficult to kill. Metal Slimes very often run on the first turn of battle but sometimes they stick around for one or two turns which is your opportunity to take them out. Metal Slimes typically have 2 or 3 HP and Liquid Metal Slimes have 4 or 5 HP in this installment of Dragon Quest.

You may be thinking, well that's easy! I hit for way more than that! Which is true, however all of your attacks (unless it's a crit) will only do 1 damage to a Liquid Metal Slime and you have a high miss rate. As previously stated, they're quite difficult to kill.

Gotha Pass Metal Slime Farming Room
Gotha Pass Liquid Metal Slime Farming Location.

To reach the location shown in the screen shot above you will want to Zoom to Gotha Castle and travel south to reach the Gotha Pass. The first screen you come to after entering Gotha Pass from the World Map will be an outside area with statues on either side of the path leading into an opening in the wall. The second screen you come to will be the one shown in the picture above.

When farming Metal Slimes it's recommended you use items like Meteorite Bracer which will give your character a ton of Agility and ensure he attacks first on every round. This small adjustment can make the difference between defeating a Metal Slime and not. Weapons like Hela's Hammer are great for Metal Slime hunting too since they always crit when they hit and crits ignore the Metal Slime defense bonuses. This means a crit instantly kills a Metal Slime, since they have such low HP.

Keep an eye out for the annoying Minidemon enemies in Gotha Pass since they can change the Tactics of your entire group on you and mess you up while trying to kill a slime. Also another good tip for you is to use the Monster Munchies items that you have to reduce the amount of time you spend running around to get into battles.

Aside from Gotha Pass, Liquid Metal Slimes can spawn in a few different spots throughout the game. Knick-knackatory island, the Central Continent, Riteof Passage, Knightmare Tower, Ancient Ruins, Mantleplace, Nadiria, Mt Zugzwang and Estark's Labyrinth are all of the places that you can get one of these to spawn. Follow the Liquid Metal Slime link for more information about them.

Liquid Metal Slime in Riteof Passage
Liquid Metal Slime enemies in Riteof Passage.

Riteof Passage Liquid Metal Slime Farming: This is a good location for slime farming if you'd like to kill two birds with one stone. The Admirer enemies here have a 1 in 64 chance to drop a Mini Medal much like the LMS. If you'd like to grind up some Mini Medals while also farming slimes this location would be probably the best one to do it.

Out of all the other locations Liquid Metal Slimes can spawn I only recommend farming them in Riteof Passage. Their spawn rate is crap in every location except Gotha Pass however at least in Riteof Passage you can farm Admirer enemies at the same time for Mini Medals.


Metal King Slime Farming

Metal King Slime Dragon Quest 5

When it comes to end of the game farming I would suggest you move onto Metal King Slimes (pictured above) rather than Liquid Metal Slimes. These big boys will give you 30k EXP for a single critical hit; that's equal to about 10 regular fights with enemies in the same area.

I personally found the best place to grind these enemies in a specific room of Mount Zugzwang, the final dungeon. While going through Mount Zugzwang you'll come across a room with some grates in the floor (pictured below). I typically cross these grates to the opposite side, where I am at in my screenshot, then grind here.

Throughout my experience in the final dungeon, this room has the highest spawn rate of Metal King Slimes. I personally like this one area because you can easily run back and forth without worrying about many obstacles.

Metal King Slime Grinding Location

While grinding here I typically kill everything that I fight, if it isn't a Metal King Slime oh well it gets annihilated anyway, running away is wasted EXP. The Metal King Slimes have a decently high encounter rate, I would say 1/8 fights I encounter one but the downside is they have too much HP to kill without a critical hit. Hence why I said earlier you get 30k EXP for a single critical hit.

Bring someone with you that can use Hela's Hammer and each time you encounter a Metal King Slime cross your fingers and pray to baby RNG jesus for a crit. As aforementioned earlier on this page, a critical hit ignores the Metal Slimes defense and hits them for the full amount, guaranteeing a one shot.