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How to reach House of Thule zones

How to Reach House of Thule Zones

Once House of Thule is released on your server you have two main different ways to reach it. The first and most common route is by taking the Guild Hall portal to Feerrott: The Dream. This will require you to purchase a Crystallized Dream of Feerrott from the NPC and hand it back to him before stepping on the portal.

The second way to reach Feerrott: The Dream is shown in the screen shot above. While you're in PoK head over to the Oggok stone and click on it. It'll ask you which version of Feerrott you'd like to travel to, the regular one or The Dream.

Select "The Dream" and you'll be teleported to where you want to go. Continue to Feerrott: The Dream HoT Leveling Guide. After you arrive in Feerrott you are going to want to travel to the southern central portion of the zone - where the House of Thule, Lower Floors zone line is at. If you're confused take a look at my map below.

Feerrott The Dream to HoT Lower Floors

Follow the blue line I have drawn on the map above for the safest route to HoT Lower Floors. It's highly recommend you have invis as most enemies don't see through it along this route. There are some see invis enemies in the water and near the water's edge though, but as long as you run fast and kinda hug the river you should be safe.

Once you arrive in House of Thule - depending on what zone you want to hunt in changes which direction you should travel. HoT Lower Floors connects to the majority of our hunting locations which is why I decided to put it all into one guide.

I've included maps of how to reach Erudin Burning, The Library and The Grounds below. I doubt they really need further explanation than what I have given - just make sure you use invis and follow the blue line.

HoT Lower Floors to Erudin Burning

HoT Lower Floors to Library

HoT Lower Floors to The Grounds


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